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Major help needed

Ok, here's the story. I am a darker skinned African. I am not extremely dark but I'm not light skinned either. I am brown, in between. Anyways, I had moderate to sever acne which I could deal with at first. Then on my cheek I got a huge pustle or whatever it was I'm still not sure. But I tried squeezing it a little and saw that there were 3 blocked pores in just this one bump! I tried ACV on a cotton ball, etc. I basically tried everything for that scar until the skin became damaged and it was basically flesh underneath, but not that deep. It scabbed a couple of times, and I peeled them off, regretted actions now... I even tried Aloe Vera gel, but I dont think it did much good since the skin ad basically been removed a bit. Now I have a redmark/scar, not quite sure in a circular shape about the size of a centimeter, a bit bigger since its a circular shape. The unhealed skin has left a red mark. So I went to my dermatologist and I got antibiotic pills, which completely cleared my acne and tretinoin retin-A cream for my red mark. My question is that is this a permanent lifelong redmark/scar? It feels flat to the touch but is still a bit indented, which I don't care about as long as the pigment returns to normal. Is it permanent? Is there any exfloliation techniques I can use? I have seen improvement with the retin A cream, but it is very,very slight. How can I speed up this process in skin pigment healing now that I am acne free but still have this big cheek redmark? I asked my derm for possible laser or scar procedures but the answer was no since I have a darker complexion skin and it could cause more damage than healing. Please any help is greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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People whose skin has more melanin need to be careful as various harsh treatments can lead to hyperpigmentation. Further, people of African and Asian ancestry tend to have skin that cleary shows every blemish and takes longer to heal.

That said, I find the Softlaser (just Google it) by Beurer can help speed up healing. It still takes time, but it does help.

Product-wise, they say emu oil can help in healing skin so no permanent scarring results. However, I find that it can lead to breakouts when used excessively. Finally, copper peptide serums (found on www.skinbiology.com) can help the healing process, too. With copper peptide you need to start slowly and with small amounts as overuse can make the condition worse.

My recommendation is to stick with the Retin-A for now and, if desired, add the Softlaser treatment. Retin-A is one of a very few products that can actually change and improve the skin and it can prevent future breakouts. The Softlaser, being a low level light treatment, is like a red light activating the skin's cells (and thereby its healing abilities) without cutting or burning the skin. In fact, you don't feel anything so, unlike regular laser treatments, it won't cause damage to the skin's structure and it can be used to treat/prevent acne, too.

Good luck.

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The Retin A over time will likely work WONDERS for you. Congratulations on having clear skin! That's the first step in not getting more scars.

People find that gentle exfoliation done regularly helps with redmarks/scars. Retin A acts as an exfoliant so that might be sufficient for you to see improvement.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix, but take heart that you WILL see improvement with Retin A. Are you still on the antibiotics? That might help with the initial breakout from Retin A. I loved Retin A when I used it. It softens scars and the appearance of the skin itself, plus helps unblock those clogged pores that cause the darn acne in the first place!

PS. The above posters remarks are excellent. :)

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Hi there.

You can try a few things which have helped me.

Apply zincofax 40% cream to the area at night time after cleansing.

Or buy some dermatix gel and apply after washing up as well, it totally helps eliminate red marks.

Also check out this cream www.bioskincare.com


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