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Avoiding bleached clothing

Hi everyone

When i first started using bp i was using the cream and wasnt careful enough about it bleaching clothing.

I now use the gel which doesnt seem to run as much and im more careful. However, ive only been using it on my face and want to start using it on my back and im really concerned about bleaching my clothing, which i cant afford to do.

So, im considering just applying it at night so that it will only bleach my bed stuff )which i can live with) and im wondering if i shower in the morning whether it will wash it all out of my skin and stop it bleaching my clothing?

Any advice appreciated!

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At least with my face, I've found that washing BP off of my face in shower, even pretty thoroughly, can still lead to bleaching on the towels I use to dry my face off afterwards. My advice is to use the BP on your back at night, and when you shower in the morning, wash the area a couple of times and use a loofah or sponge of some sort to get at all the parts of your back where there might be residual BP, rinse it very well. The skin there isn't so sensitive, so you can do a lot more as far as scrubbing/rewashing than you can with your face. To be extra safe, you can also wear a white undershirt underneath color shirts, like those really cheap ones by Hanes that you can buy in packs.

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