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I used to have a lot of big pimples on my forehead then i put on some benzoyl peroxide and im still doing that, and now some are gone the rest has gotten a little bit smaller but there is alot of redmarks and my whole forhead looks red, and there is also a lot of big blackheads. I wash my face with dermalogica anti-bac skin wash and then put on cream called dermalogica oil control lotion wich has salicylic acid, it supposte to be a moistureizer, but i still get alot of pimples not only on my forhead but alot on my chin. Is benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid bad for redmarks?

Last night i washed my forehead with some baking soda and then put some acv and left it over night, without any moisturizer. I didnt really notice any diffrence in the morning but i guess it takes time. Should i continue with that? Ive even tried some vitamin c with green tea, is that better?

So please give me some tips of what i should do and not do.




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first of all I would go see a derm and ask them for some benzaclin, its way better than BP but it may cost alot if you don't have insurance. once you have your acne under control you can work on the redmarks. I use ACV and lac-hydrin five and my face loves it. one mistake you're doing is not using any moisturizer... sure the BP is working on the active zits but your skin will never heal if you don't use moisturizer. BP will only cause more breakouts since it dries out your skin.

dry skin is the devil, don't make the same mistake I use to do and just apply BP and no moisturizer. try the lac-hydrin five since its an alpha hydroxy acid lotion, alot of good reviews on this board about it as well.

the reason why I say go see a derm is its not worth the time of trying to use a over the counter BP for your face. sure it might work for some but why pro-long it when theres better products out there? looks like your only getting small active zits anyways so the benzaclin should work wonders for you.

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Benzaclin... Worked pretty well, but my skin got used to it after 6 months, then it only caused more problems. Tried going back on it a year later; still can never get the same results again...

If your forehead is super sensitive like mine, I learned to stay the hell away from benzoyl peroxide. But if your skin is not too sensitive, by all means, try it!

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