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What Worked For ME

Hi, ive tried everything from BP, to SA, to even Vitamin B-5. None of that stuff worked (except for the B-5 a little bit). I have not visited this site since my skin has been clearer but what I used i got from this site (Dont remember the different users). This helped my Bacne as well.

I use:

1.Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (MUST BE BRAGGS)

I just put it on my face and back at night with no water. It burns initially because of the scars but once you start clearing up it stops stinging.

I also drink 2 table spoons at night and at morning (The thread i got it from said to do it 3 times a day but I didnt have time, anyway, 2 was enough for me).

2.100% fruit of the earth Aloe Vera.

Dont know if it was critical in clearing my skin but i dont want to take the risk and stop using it.

just put it on in the morning and at night.

3.And a neutral bar of soap

I use a neutragena bar for acne prone skin. Again, Just wash in morning and at night.

It took about 1-2 months before i started seeing changes in my face and 2-3 months before i started seeing changes in my back. The bad thing about this is that once you miss doing this a couple of days (at least in my experiecne) you start to break out as normal.

****Also, i dont know if this was critical but i shave with Aveno shave cream.

ANYWAY, hope this helps and good luck on your quest to clearer skin.

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Its not 100% clear yet. But now i have some days when i have 0 pimples or scars. Before i always used to have at least 3-5.

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