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I think my brain is going to explode. My anxiety level is skyrocketing. :injured:

After hearing about Paula's Choice, I went to her website and browsed around.

Her products are sooo appealing, I'm really tempted...

right now I'm...


-dkr wash and baby brush


-coppertone sunscreen spf 30


-dkr wash and baby brush

-dkr bp

-aloe + cetaphil

Before my random awe-ing of Paula's Choice, I wanted to throw in the retin-a micro my mother just bought but never uses. Apparently people have had success with this product? I know you're not suppose to use bp and retin-a right after eachother but if I altered my routine so I'd use one in the morning and one at night?....*puzzled* and if it came down to one med to the other, what would be your prefference?

P.S. How do you guys feel about Paula's Choice skincare systems in general (not just the BHAand AHA) ?

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I use paulas choice stuff right now and I love it. Her BP has a lot of anti-irritants and anti-inflammatories in it which most BP products dont have. Her cleansers are great and very cheap.

As for my preference, I wouldnt use the retin-a. I ised retinol before and like it, but retin-a micro is a prescription, and from what my derm told me, its not meant to be a long term product. I like stuff i can use long term without the risk of damage.

I really like her BHA's to. I use the gel and its awesome. Goes on nice for me, sinks right in and thats it. Then I use her BP over top of it and then moisturize. Thats my regimen. But overall I dont even know that its possible to go wrong with her products, haha, I really do feel like they are miracle sends.

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