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Amies Trip.

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Ok so its like 23:55 at night (woops!) I blame the jetlag (just been holidaying in Florida)

So lets start with a little intro.

You can call me Amie, im 19 and live in the UK and have been plagued with acne for a lot of my life, you see unlike many people I was born with acne.

Yes. You heard right, born with it.

My mother was an older mother, and this did cause a hormonal imbalance in me, as she was older giving birth. As a result of the hormonal problems I developed acne and had a mini period a day or two after I was born. As I was only a baby of course I scratched my cheeks to hell and now have a long strip of tiny little scars that make me look like I have uber big pores! wonderful.

So eventually the baby acne left me and up an untill the age of 12 everything was hunky dory till BLAM. Teenage acne. nice.

It isnt that bad, not as bad as Ive seen but I still feel terrible about my skin. I will post a picture, eventually.

I initially went to the doctor who gave me big red pills which didnt work, I tried lots of oxy, clearasil crap but to not much avail. I was then given zinerit which got in my eyes AND BURNT. boy id hate to be a test guinea pig and have that put in my eyes all day O.O

I then went on to have Nlite lazer treatment, which took away a lot of redness and actually... they dont feel as painful as they did proir to Nlite, but the actual acne is still there.

The doctors have given my Differin and Dalicin now, which does help but dries bad, no matter how much I moisterise, so I am naughty and use it sporadically. When I was in Florida last week I took the decision to really make an effort now and forever, I cant cope much longer.I have bought the AcneFree Severe kit to try, but if it fails I will try this regimen.

I was bullied since I was 12 over my skin, it affected my confidence so much and I was so withdrawn. After leaving school it has helped, and I had my first boyfriend who didnt see the acne but the girl inside, we have been seeing each other for over 2 years since we first met. I still cannot go out without makeup, I dont wear it fully caked on, my acne is still there but looks better and less red.

Its nice to see a community like this online, I hope I can make some new friends on here who understand - as well as can given me advise. (Much needed!)

Hopefully tomorrow when I am more awake I can post some pictures of my acne and log my development.

Thanks for reading <3 sorry about the length!

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