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The ONLY positive side of acne for me...

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Before one of you goes off on me and go "omgg!!!1111 you idiot~~ acne suxxx!!!!!" Let me EXPLAIN.

I understand that for some people acne has ruined your life at the moment, and it has ruined mine for the time being.. BUT when I think about when IM over this stage and it all goes alright.. I can see some positive things that have come out of MY on-going experience with acne. And I'll say it again, Im not saying this is for EVERYONE, just me..and maybe some of you can relate.

Anyway, the one positive effect of my acne experience is that it has given me time to find myself. Even though I would have rather not gone through the pain and embarrasment of acne.. there is still some things I can be content with. Having acne has made me anti-social somewhat.. but the time I have spent locked up in my house/room have given me time to think. Like.. some serious alone time.. and quality time to just find myself. Its hard to put into words.. but it was really made me more aware and has made me less ignorant in certain things. I know myself more, I have an even stronger bond with my mom, and it has given me even more of a clear view of how the world really is.

Im having a hard time putting this into words, you know what I mean though right?

Thanks to the quality alone time, I have been more aware of myself, the world. my sorroundings, and it really has sharpened my senses in terms of seeing right through people. I know who my TRUE friends are.. or atleast WHAT I like for in a true friend. I don't really have any friends anymore.. not because people don't like me.. I chose to shut them out and dispose of them because I figured them out for who they truly were.

I realize that the only people I can trust... is my family. And some REALLY close cousins who spending time with makes me happy.

And really importantly, it has brought me here.. and I have discovered all of you. Some of you people honestly have hearts of gold. Its great to know that people are actually going through what you are going through and understand you.. that is such a great feeling. I know some of my posts have been sad, but when I really look at it.. if I just focus on whats positive in my life.. even though it doesn't get rid of the pain of having acne.. it helps take some of the tension and stress off the situation. I understand this isn't the same for all of you, but its just something I needed to say because I know a lot of you have probably matured with having acne because of the experiences that come with it.

I have discovered myself, Im more aware of the world, what I like, what I love, WHO I lovem who my true friends will be, what people are really like, etc etc.

Sorry for making such a long post, just needed to say it. For me. Try to find something that is good in your life, and focus on it. :)

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WHO I lovem who my true friends will be, what people are really like, etc etc

that's what I say to people all the time..during this hard time in your life you really find out who cares about you and who doesn't. Anyone who would dump a friend or lover over acne is a loser.

this might be better suited for Emo though.

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