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The single reason of occurrence of a pimple does not exist.

Two are considered as main mechanisms of evolution of acne:

1. The reinforced production of dermal grease.

2. Blockage of an ostium of a follicle.

Activity of sebaceous glands appreciablly increases during puberty. Under effect of androgens occurrence of new crates both in a sebaceous gland, and in a follicle (keratinization) is sped up. Desquamated crates inside of a follicle becomes more. Masses of keratin, the desquamated crates, mixed with a plenty of dermal grease, can block an ostium of a follicle. So there is a cork - a comedo, or acne (the mechanism of its occurrence is shown in a picture).


Evolution of a comedo (picture).

By fingers the incremented quantity of dermal grease and desquamated crates from walls of a follicle is shown.

The hair follicle is dilated and strained.


Evolution of a comedo (tissue specimen).

In an ostium of a hair follicle cork, the future comedo is shaped. Sebaceous glands are incremented, their ostiums are dilated.


1 - cork in an ostium of a hair follicle. 2 - the incremented sebaceous glands.

In the meantime, the reinforced production of dermal grease prolongs. Cork does not yield him an outcroping of a leather, and the follicle swells from grease. Sometimes there is a disrupture of a follicle.

In the blocked follicle bacteria collect. Activity of bacteria provokes an inflammation of a follicle. So there are inflammatory devices of a pimple - acne. The disrupture of a follicle result ins to extending of an inflammation around.

from http://acne-accutane.blogspot.com/2007/05/...e-are-acne.html

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