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what to do with sensitive irritated skin + BHA?

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Okay, I am in yet another pickle with acne and my face. I hope some of you can hear me out and might give me a few words in hope to alleviate this problem.

My skin is hyper sensitive. I have a very oily complexion, yet my skin also gets very "dry" or irritated? after washing w/ even water. Until recently, I tried the BHA's again for the umpteenth time, in hope to alleviate my blackhead/blemish problems. I started on my nose w/ 2% since PC screwed up my order twice, which caused my 1% order to take over a month and half to arrive. Anywho, I started using it through my last weeks of college, and when I got home continued. After arriving home, I discovered a new wash called "skin effects - redness control calming gel cleanser"...I read the back and surprisingly there was no SLS in it, so I thought hey why not give it a try. I tried it out for a few days and i was surprised...my skin actually didn't feel dry after getting out of the shower or washing...so then I said hey, I might as well try the 2% BHA...which I did and found that amazingly it didnt irritate my skin. *(when before anytime i applied it my skin would be super tight and irritated for quite some time)...anyway, as you probobly can imagine, I got carried away, and started using the 2% too much, and ended up over irritating my face through the next few days...my skin broke out terribly to the point where I was so embarrassed to leave my house. Skin never looked so bad before.

So now I decided to give it a rest. Its been about 3 days since my irritation/acne bombardment, and my skin is still TIGHT and irritated. It appears red, and just feels extremely tight. I have been trying to keep it very gentle with my skin...only using water in the morning, and then using the skin effects gentle cleanser at night, yet my face is not getting any better. I am too irritated to exfoliate or use the 1%, and I am not sure where to go from now. So I am seeking for anyone's advice with this.

This is my issue though. i am still exactly uncertain of what is causing my irritation...if its just the BHA's or maybe a combination of things.

Let me add what im using:

-Redness control cleansing gel - supposedly it says to discontine if signs of irritation develop...yet when i used it earlier it seemed to not irritate?

-Aveeno calming moisturizer - it says that same warning about irritation, im guessing because of the spf ingredients...both have me questioning if they do maybe cause more irritation

-BHA...obviously the culpriate...

I know this is long, and I am asking for your well thought opinions, but anything would be greatly appreciated. I know the queen's are very insightful about the BHA's, but I very desperate for advice since I am uncertain of where to go from here. I will check all the ingredients for the cleanser on Queen's post, and maybe determine if thats maybe adding to the problem...

Thank you for reading

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This is my issue though. i am still exactly uncertain of what is causing my irritation...if its just the BHA's or maybe a combination of things.


go read my post. Avoid products until you get clear or 95% clear. then find out what works so you don't have to wonder what is causing the irritation.

Foundations of clear skin.

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what up bob, thanks for the reply, but i have followed your post and read it religiously many times. I followed it for a good month and a half and the BS reaked havoc on my face. Ive done a lot experimenting with products, and yeah your right on most stuff. Yet our faces are different. You don't have a face infested w/ clogged pores/black heads, so manually exfoliation and using Brown sugar or whatever, isn't going to fix the problem. we both know that. So thats why i am seeking others views. I know BHA's will work for me. I am already seeing a great change in my nose as i have been using it.

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i think paulas 2% BHA gel/liquie/lotion are great. however, everythings useless when your skin cant even tolerate it. u must calm your skin down first so go ahead and purchase FOTE Aloe vera gel if you dont have any aloe vera at your house. Plants always better but its a lot of work and takes a little more time. i had the same prob, my skin got hella irritated from using too much SA/BP (in the past), couldnt even touch my face cus it hurt so bad (i was hurt emotionally more since i started breaking out even MORE when my skin was irritated... thats when i realized that i break out when my skin condition is like sh_t so i stopped using BP since then... BP may help in short run but it will damage ur skin a lot in long run). i used aloe vera gel, my skin condition improved within a week. so dont use anything else but aloe vera gel to moisturize and wash only twice a day then ur skin should get better... u can start using Paulas again after

good luck! =]

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