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I am going to try this regimine

Hello all,

After spending a few weeks browsing the message boards and being comepletly overwlemed with the amount of products out there and the good and the bad of them all here is what I am going to try -


Malin and Goetz PH Balenced Grapefruit Wash (very gentle)

ACV,Lemon,H20 Toner

Complex 15



Mailn and Goetz PH Balenced Grapefruit Wash

Paula's Choice 2% SA Gel

Complex 15

Spot Treat: 100% Organic Tea Tree Oil

Once a week:

Glycolic Peel followed by Emu Oil


Cod Liver Oil

Green Tea (I think I am going to get the hormone balencing kind)

I might add -

I am 21, Female and have been dealing with acne since I was 13. I have lots of closed comedones, and as many as 6-8 inflamed pimples at a time as well as red marks. The comedones and imflamed pimples are always from the middle of my cheeks and down (middle of cheeks, all around mouth and chin) I never break out on my nose or forehead. I just cannot deal anymore. I am considered an attractive person except for my skin and I work in a very professional enviroment where I feel I look like a child! I know you all know it feels! So I am going to start this tomorrow! I am trying to go as natural as possible as I want to clear up my acne with out damaging my skin!!

Thoughts, feedback or comments welcome! ;)

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Good luck with your regimen. I used it last year, it's very basic and does it's job.

The only thing I have to say is that maybe you should skip the peel until you have no active acne and just redmarks and such to deal with. You don't want to over-irritate your skin. Other than that, your regimen looks really good. Keep us updated!

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