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au naturel milk and saltwater regimen

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Found a simple, inexpensive, natural treatment that seems to be crazy effective and does an excellent job cleansing, exfoliating, and disinfecting my oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin...just milk and saltwater!!! Not only do these two things do all that, but they also totally diminish the oil problem so that it's not bothersome anymore. Oh...and no cover-up makeup (by this I mean no foundation/concealer/powder/etc. Eye and lip makeup is okay.) Although I have found that milk does actually do a decent job of removing face makeup if one were unable to live without it. I have a feeling this is going to be very long...oh well f*ck it.

I'm not new to this site but this I've changed my user name. I've gotten a lot of good info from this site over the past couple years so now that I've finally found a really simple natural regimen that seems to work wonders I thought I'd give something back and share it. Hopefully this one will work for one or two other individuals who would like to be free from damaging antibiotics and irritating drugstore topicals.

Here is the regimen.



~skim milk

~non-iodized sea salt (available at most grocery stores)

~water (preferably filtered, distilled, purified or spring water)

~large empty sterilized bottle (for salt water)

~small purse-sized empty sterilized hair spray bottle (for salt water)

~small purse-sized empty sterilized regular bottle (for milk)

~jumbo bag of large size cotton balls

~measuring spoons

~small ziplock sandwich bags

~small washcloth

What to do with them:

Make up a big batch of saltwater solution following this recipe: 1/4 teaspoon seasalt mixed in one cup of warm water (I heat filtered water for 30 sec. in the microwave because regular warm tap water is full of bacteria). Fill up big bottle full of this, and also small spray bottle. Keep cartons of buttermilk and skim milk in fridge (of course), and also fill a small portable bottle with skim milk and keep in fridge. Also fill up one small ziplock sandwich bag full of cottonballs, and keep the washcloth in another. I keep the spray bottle and the two baggies in my purse. If I were a guy...well I'd just have to keep them somewhere else!

morning- I saturate a cotton ball with buttermilk and, without squeezing it out, very gently and lightly wipe it in circles all over my face, no need to rub, until face is covered with it, being careful not to get any in hair...Then let it dry. When dry, I saturate another cottonball in the saltwater and run gently over face until almost all traces of the buttermilk are gone, then I use the spray bottle to spray away any remaining residue. I let the saltwater air dry. After this is all done, my face is completely oil free and remains basically that same way for a whopping four hours!!! This is incredible for me because it usually takes only about an hour after washing before my face begins oiling up again in a big way.

mid-day (or whenever I happen to find my face has gotten oily again)- I am generally at work or somewhere else with a fridge, so I just bring the little bottle of milk to work with me. At some point I take a bathroom break and using my purse supply of cottonballs and the washcloth, I do the virtually the same thing, except for sake of convenience I don't let any of it air dry...I just wipe the milk quickly over my face, quickly wash it off with the saltwater (I do remove the cap on the spray bottle, saturate a cottonball and use that with no need to spray afterward- the skim milk is a lot easier to remove than dried buttermilk and washes off effortlessly.) My skin is then clean, soft, glowing and virtually oil-free for another miraculous four hours.

~before going to bed- I do the same ritual I did in the morning with the buttermilk, letting it all air dry

Kay so I am 24 and have been battling pretty bad moderate cystic acne, really oily skin, AND a nasty obsessive picking addiction since I was about 14 or so...Have tried a LOT of crap including prescription antibiotics, natural antibiotics (like grapefruit seed extract), and a slew of OTC face washes, creams, toners, lotions etc. The only thing that really worked was prescription antibiotics, until, thankfully, I discovered about a year ago that my skin responds extremely well to certain amounts of salicylic acid. My skin has been a lot clearer for a year due to salicylic acid use and an anxiety med which makes it much easier to stop picking. HOWEVER, I have always wished to be free from internal and external chemical treatments, and cover-up cosmetics, so I have begun this amazingly effective (so far) milk and salt water regimen.

How I stumbled upon it and how it works (my theory anyway): Well ever since I discovered that salicylic acid could work so well for me, I began researching naturally occurring acids which could possibly have the same effect. I have also been looking for some kind of natural disinfectant which would work well without irritating my skin. I read that lactic acid has just the same kind of effect, exfoliating the skin and dissolving grunge deep inside the pores. I then did some research over the internet and found many, many homemade recipes for milk cleansers...Apparently people have been using milk to treat oily skin for ages, esp. buttermilk which contains a great deal of lactic acid. That was a long time ago, and I was not brave enough to try it then. A few months ago I had earlets put in my ears, 8 gauges, 2 big holes bored through my upper ear lobes...It was the first time I'd had anything major like that done besides just regular ear piercings, and I was kinda bewildered when they told me I should just spray them with saltwater. I thought it would be nowhere near effective enough to keep infection at bay, but lo and behold, with continuous spraying of saltwater 3 times a day, my ears healed up quickly and beautifully with no trace of infection. This in turn led me to do some real research on salt water and its effects on skin. Turns out that a saline solution with the correct ratio of salt to water (approximately that of human blood) is one of the mildest, non-irritating and best antiseptic/antibacterial substances you can possibly use externally. In fact saline solution is used by doctors and surgeons all the time to disinfect and irrigate wounds, and they even sell big aerosol cans of the stuff at Walgreens (called saline wound wash). So a light bulb went off in my head when I experienced how well salt water works and I got up the guts to try out milk and salt water together on my face about a week ago...Cannot believe how well my skin is responding to this. It's like being able to use salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide together all day long with none of the harmful side effects or the irritation! And there is no over-dryness or flakiness so far, just perfectly balanced skin. I had about seven small, scattered pimples on my cheeks, forehead and chin before I started this new regimen mostly due I think to some social smoking...They are all uniformly drying up and disappearing rapidly, happy to say, and no new ones so far, only a tiny red spot on my upper forehead which seems to be going away. I'll update this log regularly. That's all for now.

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So...Skin is looking better every day and even red marks seem to be fading quite a bit...Face is healing up from the last breakout very quickly and also texture is becoming very smooth and soft. Lovely. No over-dryness or flakiness so far. My boyfriend commented on how soft my cheek was today. I also notice my face is much less oily than usual when I wake up in the morning...Actually all throughout the day. And when it does actually get oily, the oil is mostly only on my nose and a just a little bit in the T-zone, whereas it used to be uniformly oily all over my face. I only have one new tiny bump on my right temple, and it's not even really a pimple, just a little irritation bump. This regimen even seems to be standing up to my neurotic skin-abusive habits. I no longer pick but still can't seem to keep from doing a number of naughty things that generally make me break out such as: eating too much fast food/fried food/sugar, drinking alcohol and occasionally smoking. I've done all those things this past week and so far none of them seem to have had their usual effect on my acne. I've had a crop of blackheads on my nose since I was about 13 which unfortunately I used to squeeze constantly resulting in permanently damaged enlarged pores that ooze oil...I gave up on the blackheads as permanent residents years ago. I can't say for sure yet whether or not they are actually going away, but they do seem to be improving along with the texture of my skin. Yay! I really hope all of this keeps up, what an upper...

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Have decided to put this regimen on hold for a little while because it's really bothering me not being able to wear makeup at work- my female boss is catty and is trying to undermine me and make me feel like a lowly underling, lol, I need that little extra boost of confidence that comes from having my face done up. I will resume shortly after I have managed to purchase some high quality powder mineral makeup (or the ingredients to make my own) which can be easily removed using milk. Til then...back to the salicylic acid for a bit...*sigh*.

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So...Yesterday I purchased some mineral powders, kaolin clay, rice powder, and a brush and sifter set online so I can make my own SPF mineral makeup. Should be fun. All the individual ingredients were very inexpensive and came in bulk sizes, so I got enough to last me for probably about 2 years. I won't touch commercial mineral makeup cuz I feel it's way overpriced and not as pure as they make it out to be, and a lot of it contains mica, which I know for sure bugs my skin. Until my stuff arrives I am back to my ordinary drugstore makeup and Clean & Clear Advantage routine. Works all right to keep acne at bay for the most part...Just not as well as my new regimen, and it leaves me feeling like I have gross chemicals on my skin all the time. And it doesn't do much of anything for the oil or skin texture, I have to keep swiping at my face with Covergirl powder all day, more chemicals...bleah. Oh well, only for another week or so. I can't wait.

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Sweet...I got my minerals and mixed them up last night. I made foundation. This stuff is great. It actually turned out way better than I had anticipated, and I got it to match my skin perfectly. It's weightless, and skin almost looks airbrushed. (or as close as my skin comes to that with all my red marks.) I'm having fun experimenting with all the separate ingredients. lol I've got a little makeup lab going. Discovered you can make a really excellent lip stain with just red iron oxide and olive oil.

I'm starting back up on the milk and salt water tonight.

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