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Is there anything I can do to stop the redness?

Ive been off the tan for about 1 month and 2 weeks now, and although it did help my acne its made my face, arms and hands very red. A month or two after I started taking accutane my skin became very pale and red and I began to blush all the time. The doctor said this would go away about a week after I got off the medicine but here I am 1.5 months later and its just as bad. Every morning/night I put lotion on my face but it doesnt help and if anything it makes me feel redder and oily. Can anyone tell me if the redness is going away anytime soon or reccomend me a good lotion or some other treatment for it? I really want to get a tan again and im starting to think i never will :redface:

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Hi there. My saving grace for red skin has been Zincofax 40% cream. Yes this is the cream that one applys to babies bottom when they have diaper rash. Its a thicker consistency so just use it at night time. Trust me, it works.

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Funny.. I just bought some stuff called "flanders buttocks ointment." I bought it only because I thought the name was funny and I left it in the bathroom for my roommate to have a laugh. It's for babies' bottoms diaper rash as well. But when I looked at the ingredients, it has zinc and petroleum jelly and mineral oil. Sounded good for the skin... well, for the lips. So I've been sleeping with it on my lips at night (can't wear during the day - it's a nasty opaque greyish beige) and it does seem to help with chapping.

I know that's off topic but I was just reminded to post it because someone else mentioned using baby cream.

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