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Just bought ELICINA, ugh wished I found this board before I

spent my money.

Well here's my story:

I'm kinda messed up... I suffer from severe anxiety/panic attacks, im a recovering alcoholic, and to top it off I am somewhat of a hypocondriac (spelling may be off on that one).

I have some ice pick scars on my cheeks, and one big chicken pox scar on my left cheek near my side burns. I have a digital camera and would like to post pictures... ?? do I need a web hosting service to do that? any recomendations? Anyway, like some other posters responses might be something like:

1.) Your scars arent so bad (umm yah compared to whom? Edward James Olmos??)

2.) Your a man, your supposed to have a "rough" complection.

3.) Live with what you have

Well, they (the scars) bother me enough to do something about it. And I wonder if there are any "miracle" cures out there.

Anyway, my point is I just bought 2 vials of ELICINA sounding like it was the miracle cure for acne scarring. But a few more minutes of google searching I found this board, and what a surprise.

I am somewhat jaded about ELICINA now, and wonder if its even worth trying once it gets shipped to my home.

Also, any FAQ's on picture uploading would be helpfull.



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Guest Cubsfan


Do yourself a favour and return the products for a refund. Its a total scam. I wouldn't even bother putting that stuff on your skin as the side-effects outweighs any benefits.

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Guest Scorpioness

I agree. This product made my scars worse and created two extremely deep crators on my face.

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if there was a way to remove the snail grease u'd have a nice 10% glyolic cream i think

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