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How long after an invasive procedure like fraxel must one wait to have another?

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I was thinking with fraxel probably 6 months and maybe something like full face c02 or dermabrasion a year but it sucks because I want to do something to really try and help my scars but the help I got from fraxel is limited and I feel so far from any doctor who can help me. Plus everything you read on this board has negative and posiive things to say which are good but really leaves you confused sometimes when trying to decide on the right procedure. I think I would benifit from TCA cross but the only dr who I know that performs it is dr. rannaport in nj and I live in the southeast. I would def. make the trip but that requires so much planning and I dont want to be let down. I also think punches could help followed by a derm or other resurfacing method. People both praise and downgrade Dr. Y but he must do well to have helped so many people. Is he getting older now, or is he slipping out of practice? I understand and hurt for those that have suffered from having made things worse. But I am going to try something, I don't know what exactly yet, but something.

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I know this, I've had 7 treatments of fraxel beginning July 06 spaced 1 month apart except the last two were spaced about 2-3 months apart. Fraxel is minimally invasive I guess, because I don't think you could get a dermabrasion a month after you have had 5 treatements of fraxel, but that is why I was asking because I wanted to know. If your skin continues to get a collagen boost for 6 months after fraxel when would be the best time to continue treatments if you were to choose another kind of treatment?

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From reading most people's experiences on here, it seems the skin returns to normal after a few weeks following fraxel treatment although collagen production continues for months after. For optimal results it would be best to leave the skin alone for a few months after fraxel to allow sufficient time for collagen production before trying different treatments. That's what most people seem to do on that fraxel thread I mentioned.

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