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not sure where to post this question

sorry if this is the wrong forum. but i have been using a retinol product for two weeks now..(not using bp at all) and my face has exploded in clogged pores. prior to starting the retinol i had a tiny patch of clogged pores but nothing like this. so i am wondering do you purge from retinol the same way you do from prescription retinoids? if so thats fine i will just ride it out..i hope to start on green cream after i have finished this product. also does anyone know how long the purge may last?

thanks heaps


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also u might wanna check out Green Cream community board. they are veryvery helpful :)

GC community board

give 3 months to see a great result from retinol. u will start purging within 2wks, thats just a start, takes at least 3 months to clear up.. u will purge and break out even more than before for sure, it will be depressing, but the result, i believe, is worth the pain.

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thanks very much for the reply acne since 2006, this is the thing. i have used a retinol product once daily now for over two weeks, about 4 days ago my skin went nuts, my face was covered in clogged pores and a few became inflammed, i got a little bit scared (lol) and tried to find out if this was normal, i wasnt sure if i should try treat the blocked pores or just leave them, whether to go back to bp or what to do, thats why i posted looking for advise. well after about two days of this horrible skin i decided to use a very light sugar scrub just to do a light exfoliation. Its now been 3 days since that and my skin is AWESOME!! all the clogged pores have gone and the purging seems to have stopped. Touch wood i am over the worst of it. are you using green cream? how do you find it? thanks for your support.

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