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Best Insurance for cosmetic/facial skin dermatology care

Hi all , so far I have payed 100% for all my Demratology treatments.

I got insurance now but i doubt it pays for anything cosmetic.

I don't know whether Insurance pays for Dermatological reasons unless it is a health issue as opposed to a cosmetic issue. i.e. Melanoma as opposed to ACNE/hyper-pigmentation Scars

I don't think any Insurance pays for micro-dermabrasion or scar removal or peels.

I would like to know if there is a particularly good Insurance that does cover skin/cosmetic treatments.

Do ya'll know of any such Insurance.

I have already spent close to 1800 on various skin care treatments and my skin is worse off now.

I deseratey need Insurance to cover my medical skin care treatments.

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Have you read your policy? Sometimes if the cosmetic defect if related to a covered disease or injury, and treatment begins within one year of the occurence of the defect, the insurance will cover some type of treatment.

It just kind of depends. If your plan is empoyer sponsored the employer can elect to provide whatever level of coverage to employees they (the company) is willing to pay for.

I would just call my insurance carrier and ask them.

Good Luck!


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I live in France and the costs of surgery for "severe" acne scars are paid by the standard national health program (wich everybody gets).

I was much surprised by this, coming from canada where nothing regarding acne scars is covered... and even over here my derm told me it would cost a bundle, until the surgeon himself told me it would be covered... it just depends if the surgeon is going to pass it as "severe" scars, wich is my case. So I'm having laser next week !

I think that in Canada and the united states, it can be covered if it is proven that your scars cause you psychological damage. Wich means you have to see a psy for some time.

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Miserable: It has been my experience with insurance in the U.S. that they will only cover what is "medically necessary". Most providers consider acne scar treatment to be "cosmetic" and not "medically necessary". I asked my Primary Care Physisican and he said that my insurance provider would not cover acne scar treatments because they are not deemed medically necessary. It's so frustrating, because it's impacted me to where sometimes it affects my health and well-being.

As Anna says, you'll need to call around the different insurance companies to find out what their specific policies are.

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