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HELP ME/Need Advice

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I have to go back to my stupid dermatologist next week and I don't know what to do. Last time I went, her only idea was Differin cream which I had already tried TWICE. So I asked about spironolactone. Well, I went on spiro. At 50 mg (what she prescribed) it didn't work. So I doubled it on my own. My skin really seems to be getting a LOT better. But, I started to get JAUNDICE in between the fingers of my right hand! So I stopped for awhile. But as soon as I did, skin got bad again. So I started doubling the dose again-- skin got better, jaundice came back. So apparently my liver can't handle spiro, and I don't know what to do next! I start teaching in the fall, I CAN'T have cystic acne like this! I know my stupid derm will just say "Differin?" again, so I'm asking you guys for suggestions that I can ask her about. I've done alot of topicals already (BP, SA, Benzaclin, Differin, Retin-a) with no results. My BC pill used to help but not it seems like my body's gotten used to is. Should I get a new BC? Is there a topical I haven't tried? What about steriod injections, I've heard of those. I don't want to have to go on Accutane bc 1)it's scary 2)it takes so long 3) everyone keeps saying theirs came back. ANd my derm isn't very pro-accutane. HELP ME!

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Oh, also, I forgot to add that I have already tried minocycline (which gave me esophageal spasms and didn't clear me at all) and I think vibramicine and also Proactive and ZenMed and Exposed systems.

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