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PEOPLE WHO UNDERGO dermabrasion??please share your results!!

hi i have undergo dermabrasion last dec.18, i think the doctor dermabraded too deep...It was only a spot dermabrasion...Well i have notice the scars are still there but a small depression...

My question is will my skin ever pup -up or level(how many months will the epidermiss to regrow or is it permanent), coz my skin thins after dermabrasion and notice a very small depression..thanks

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I had dermabrasion about 4 years ago. I'm not sure if I understand your question, but if you are asking if a depression will pop up fully to level with the rest of your skin, my guess is that is probably will not. Based on my experience, your skin is most level about 2 weeks after the dermabrasion (when the crusts come off). When the swelling goes down, many imperfections return.

However, since you only had a "spot dermabrasion", if the entire dermabraded area is lower than the rest of the skin, then it is very likely the dermis will thicken again and epidermis will regrow. Healing usually takes 3 months, but it could take up to a year in rare cases.

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hi randy clark.,

My face thins after dermabrasion(looks like waxy appearance and black pigmentation), do you think it will be back to normal(epidermis regrow) ??

P.S--i cant understand your first and second paragraph..

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