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This really bugs me..

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(posted in scar forum because this is the only place i 'hang out')

I have this bugbear with people who have seemingly zero skin issues and try to give 'helpful' advice, when they have no freaking idea.

When i had acne i had people left right and centre with not much of skin issue telling me that :

"you know, if you just use the right soap that will clear up in no time"


"Do you have a healthy diet? Cuz, you know, if you um stop eating junk and chocolate, your skin will clear up"

With scars, and my age now, i dont get 'advice' as often thankfully, but still, i have had some. Even stupid things like:

"Have you considered seeing a dermatolagist?"

Do people think that having skin issues mean you are also retarded in some way? Like we have no knowledge on the subject, when in fact most of us know more than any average person, in fact, with some of us knowing as much (poss more) than some dermatolagist on the subject and treatments available.

Do they really think we are just stupid and use the wrong kind of soap or lotion on our skins?!

Does this happen to you guys? If so, how the heck do you keep your cool? Because i seriously feel like headbutting someone when start this cr*p.

(i think i may have pms today.... :rolleyes: )

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i'm much younger, but I know what you mean. I think our skin turns us into people we aren't, sometimes seemingly crazy bitter sarcastic people, I always think of Bill Murray. I am already begining to recloose(sp?) because I just don't even want to know the world, I would rather live outside of it looking in because of how I see myself. I'm not sure what keeps me from killing myself, probably not knowing what really happens after we die combined with the hope that it will get better after a couple of years of trying to fix my scars.

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