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OTC Products That DON'T Work

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I just thought I would post a reminder, especially for newbies, that most of the OTC products out there have been tried by many people on these boards. If you are considering trying an OTC acne product, do yourself a favor and type it into the SEARCH function of this board. You can then read the message threads pertaining to your product. It might just save you some money.

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Good post idea - we haven't had one of these for a while.

I recommend you DON'T try the following.

* purpose bar... I have never used it. Dan still recommends it. But if I had a dollar for everyone who has bitched and griped about it causing chronic dryness.... idea.gif instead why not choose one of the many alternatives

* Clinique Dramatically Shit Moisturiser ...yellow stuff in the square bottle.

* Panoxyl...affectionately renamed Pain-oxyl by many a regimen follower.

In addition to searching this site for product feedback...considering checking www.makeupalley.com or www.cosmetics.cop also

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"purpose bar... I have never used it. Dan still recommends it. But if I had a dollar for everyone who has bitched and griped about it causing chronic dryness..."

My derm gave me purpose bar. It does over dry. I used it twice. Not gona use it anymore.

PS Don't do stupid things like I did in the past, like use pumice LAVA soap and Dial Antibacterial (the super strength clear liqud 1 you get in the small plunger bottle). Idiot me used these products on my face many years ago, but this was a long time ago when I didn't know or care too much about my skin.

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-As stated, Purpose Bar... didn't lather at all, and dried me like crazy.

-Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash/Foaming Cleanser. Broke me out, which brought me to this site.

-Pro-Active (not the BP, but the system as a whole) May be good for some people, but ruined my skin.

-Clearasil BP-yeah, especially the tinted stuff, cuz it makes u look orange. Too bad I didn't realize this before using it my whole sophomore year haha.

These are just things that I personally think are bad, but other people may have differing opinions.

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Guest fatman_uk
no need to even try to research any otc product.. none of the shit works anyway
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I agree that the proactiv system, as a whole, sucks. The combo of a BP wash along with BP cream in the morning and at night was way to drying. The indivdual components of the system seem decent though. I wonder if maybe using just part of the system, like using the BP repairing lotion at night only, would work better.

I disagree with the general consensus concerning the purpose bar though. I think it lathers great and have not found it to be overly drying. The only other bar I have compared it to however is the nuetrogena clear facial bar and I thought the purpose bar was much better. I would like to try some others though. If anyone knows of a decent bar soap that is better than the purpose stuff, please post it.

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man...so many of these, that i can't list 'em all

Did not work:

Oxy pads

Stridex day/night

Clearasil (all of them)

Neutrogena oil-free acne wash (very drying, irratating -- horrible)

Pretty much all Salicylic Acid products

Purpose bar (drying, didn't do much)


Oxy 10% BP Wash (worked well for a bit -5months- then i became super dry/flaky)

Neutrogena 2.5% BP (was OK)

Cetaphil daily facial

100% aloe vera

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Just started using PanOxyl 5 last month.... yes , it's very thick ! I started with Stiefels other BP, Solugel, but after 5 months it wasn't as effective. I'd have to say that those would be the only products that have worked so far.

Didn't work : Salicylic anything ](*,)

Oxy pads =;

Clearasil anything sad.gif

Seems like the better products are in less fancy packaging on the bottom shelves and the eye catching other products they have on the top shelves...

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-L'Oreal's Pure Zone line, but only the toner and moisturizer; I stay away from scrubs (as the cleanser is basically a scrub) and I use and thermal water gel cleanser (Avene)

-Accutane - even if it's a prescription treatment (acne came back mildly when going on birth control)

-Jojoba toner (The Body Shop)

-Gentle face wipes (almost any brand, I've used L'oreal and Yves Rocher)

-Pure Aloe Vera gel

Never worked(for me):

-On the spot treatments

-C&C anything

-Blotting paper never seemed to be beneficial to my skin

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I use a panoxyl bar, simply because the C&C form of BP wash makes my skin BUUUUURN because of that menthol.

Eh. The panoxyl 5% BP bar isn't that bad. My skin doesn't dry out very much at all, and it's winter! smile.gif

But I did buy the panoxyl BP cream on a whim, and I regret that. It's SOOOO watered down.

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just started using the Oxy 5% BP lotion stuff today instead of the panoxyl aquagel 5%... feels alot better, seems to be less irritating, goes on MUCH easier, but then again I;ve only been using it for 7 hours...... anyways time will tell

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Clearasil does make one good wash -- It's a 2% SA lotion-type cleanser with tiny (gentle) scrubby-particles in it (I think it's called Total Control cream cleanser or something like that). It doesn't dry out my skin (which is naturally on the dry side), and rinses easily unlike some other cleansers with scrubby particles.

I figured I'd mention it since many people here (including me) are anti-Clearasil (almost everything they make IS overly-drying crap, but they have recently developed some new products that are actually good). The mask in that line looks like it might be good too.



(edited to add links)

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-Proactiv! I hear tons of complaints about this but at the end of 9th grade i started using it and i had a flawless complexion throughout highschool (thank God). Seriously, it worked wonders. Never dryed, never hurt (toner stung a little on fresh spots) but it worked wonders. Seriously, it was miraculous. However its effects couldnt battle hormonal acne.

-Botchlas Regimen. (clean an clear) has been working pretty good, so far.

-Jojoba Oil- Works awesome, moisturizes well.

-Tea tree oil- Good for spot treating.

-Hydrocortizone 1%- Same as tea tree, reduces inflammation..awesome for spot treating.


-Retin a Micro- God, this stuff is SHIT! Terrible terrible.

-Any purpose cleaners- drying bullshit.

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Clearasil makes a 2% SA moisturiser which I have had very good luck with, in combo with the regimen. Many people have a hard time with the SA/BP combo, but I found this is the only thing that keeps my skin clear. So if you've tried the regimen for a while, you find it's not working & your skin is not overly sensitive, you could give it a cautious try.

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-Dove Facial Wash

-Clean and Clear

-All Tea Tree facial cleanser

-Garnier Pure

SOMEHOW WORK ( still giving me some breakout )

-Avene Soapless Cleanser

-Coal soap bar

-Nivea cleanser

-Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser

But overall all these cleanser does not help me clear up... It just stop it from more breakout...

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