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xGreyfox's accutane log

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hey peeps...I've been a long time reader and watcher of acne.org, since my high school days...i just started accutane and decided to keep a log, probably not gonna be as detailed as some of the ones i read, but a log nonetheless...first off, a little background on myself...

I would say around the age of 16 or so, i first encountered my days of acne...i really dont know exactly when or how it came to be, but there it was...at first, i think i was in denial that i had a problem with my skin...i remember my mom asking if i wanted to see a derm and i think screamed back at her "NO" with some 'tude....i just tried using over the counter crap like BP or SA, or whatever was on the acne shelf at the local CVS or Walgreens....when i try to think back to high school or try to remember how back my face actually was, i really cant remember...i just remember dodging mirrors, getting ready for school in a dark bathroom and trying to avoid myself all together...i think the only time i got a good look at myself was when i got a haircut....anyways...towards the end of high school, i finally got some balls and saw the derm...he was kinda of douche and gave me some tetracycline and BP...did that for awhile and nothing...then i think he gave me diffren..nothing either...then i think i remember taking retin a, maybe even tazorac but it was a long time ago....

after high school came college...man was college fun...acne wasnt too bad but i had rough times all through my 4 years...i think i just did OTC products while in college, which seemed to keep it under control...

okay so fast foward to present time....im now 23 (be 24 in july) and am still suffering from acne...now, keep in mind that i would classify my acne as mild at best...im a bit of a freak when it comes to my face...when i told my girlfriend and people i was going on accutane, they thought i should see a psychologist rather than a derm...oh well...so i went to a new derm a few weeks ago and at first she suggested some type of Mino and Duac...i kinda lashed out and said no....i've tried this this this this and that and im tried of it...i suggested accutane and it was a done deal....got my blood done, dealt with stupid Ipledge, and got my prescription of accutane...i'll be started with Sotret 40mg once a day until further notice

okay, enough about the past, heres whats up now....as i said, my acne is mild...i dont have cysts or scarring...its mainly just whiteheads, some blackheads and i think my overall skin texture is a little shitty, along with what i think are big pores by the nose region...oh, and my skin is oily

i started this log late, so im already on Day 9...i take my crack (accutane) in the morning which is actually nice because im now starting to eat breakfast, which i've never have anytime to do...im a private investigator so mornings are good to take the crack, seeing that in the afternoon i usually have interviews and take statements and cant worry about eating while i take my dose....up until now, i've had no side effects whatsoever i think...my skin is actually looking kinda good...just one HUGE whitehead on my right cheek, that im so proud of myself for no popping...but not gonna lie, i'll probably pop it later today (its massive)...lips are fine, skin is not dry/flaky....so overall not too much has happened...i guess i'll just have to see what happens next and where this journey will take me....peace and love kids

oh, by the way...im 23, male, 6'4" and about 190ish pounds

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