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Bad chemical peel?

Hi everyone,

After reading some positive remarks here about treatment I decided to get on with it. Yesterday I went for a chemical peel with a smoothbeam scheduled for next month. After coming home I notice I have giant purple splotches on my face yikes! There is no damn way I am going anywhere until these damn things go away. I've called the doctors office and they advised me to use a mixture of one tblsp vinegar to two cups of water, has anyone heard of this? This is really gonna cost me a bundle as there is no chance I would go to work like this. My skin was totally clear yesterday and now it looks as though I went commando on my face like a total jackass. Please help.


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Using the vinegar mix will help to soothe your skin and help it maintain the right PH balance. It's a common solution for soothing inflamed skin. Make sure you dilute it very well. There are lots of different types of peels - some are very light and cause no downtime. Perhaps the one you had was stronger. Some peels do have up to one week downtime.

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What colour skin do you have.

If you have dark complexion then STAY AWAY from harsh chemical peels.

I asked my asthetician about chemical peels;, she told me that it would be too harsh for my brown skin.

I ended up getting enzyme peel. Problem is enzyme peels are soo mild that nothing happened.

Could some knowledgeable person here list in order of Mild to harsh all the peels out there. Can the risks also be mentioned.

Also can the peels be graded for Dark skin folks. Hyper-pigmentation risks, permanent marks etc...

Thank You.

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781 - A BioMedic peel. I'm not sure about anything other than that.

Maya - Thanks for the info, I'd not heard of this before.

Miserable - I'm not dark I'm light tan but maybe that's too dark.

Never again.

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