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I Really F***** Up, Can You Help?

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I have many blackheads on the bottom of my nose. I saw 2 that were ready to come out {more visible and bigger than the others}. I removed the blackheads, but they have left 2 horrible marks on my nose {reddish with a brown tip/center}

Is there a way to heal these marks, because I look really bad with them

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I made the same mistake; ugh it was horrible, I looked absolutely disgusting. The good news is that it went away REALLY fast; for me at least. And I had no permanent scarring from it either. You can just leave it be and it should go away in a week, but to make it go away faster (it was pretty much gone in about four days) I used Azelex (perscribed by a dermatologist), a good moisturizer (really any will do), and even a warm washcloth, holding it over the mark. I really hope this works for you; honestly mine was cleared up in a few days and you hardly knew it was there afterwards and it was first a pretty bad blackhead. Good luck, and don't ever try to scratch away blackheads because I learned that the hard way :naughty:

By the way, this is my first post here, so hey everyone! :) I hope I can figure out a good regimen on here.

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Why do people like us have to suffer with blackheads.......My nose isnt bad but i just hate seeing those tiny blackheads on my nose.....I remember a few years back when i was in middle school going on to High School my nose was so clear and clean and after two years going in to 11th grade i started seeing blackheads around my nose and i said F...... why did i get these little things on my nose....Now im in 11th grade and going on to 12th grade soon ive been using Clearasil Control Scrub since Thursday so im hoping it clears away some those blackheads.......

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