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Complexion looks different under different lighting!! Funny.

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Ok I was at the mall with some of my friends & I went to different stores... you know stores that have alot of mirrors... mostly like clothes stores & make up stores... As I was walking down these area... I looked in the mirrors & in some of them, my skin almost looked flawless, I noticed this in stores that have a yellow bright lighting in them, mostly make up stores, I am a guy, I had to go through the make up store to get to the mall but I noticed this as I walked toward their mirror.... It seemed like the darker the room was, the worse my skin looked in the store..... I left the mall feeling somewhat happy & confused.... it's like.... Is my skin really getting better or is it not??? :-s

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flourescent lights and the non-coated sun bulbs or whatever they are called make your skin look really bad... it makes your skin pale so the redness stands out. sucks cause thats all that is in my school. on yellow lights my skin is pretty much normal

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its funny how sum1 found this too smile.gif

i have 3 mirror in my home

one with a windows to the left, right and behind

the mirror with the windows behind me is the depressing mirror as all my dark spots show up..

the mirror with the window to the right of me makes my left side look bad, and right side look good

and visa versa for the other mirror

just dont know what to expect!

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yeh.. i used to work for starbucks.. the lighting there made my skin look flawless too.. [especially if i had make up on]..

i hate bright lights too!!!!! i was so hesitant in going to johney rockets with my friends to eat.. i felt so embarrassed.

dark is good, unless its complete darkness and no one can see ur face.. [-(

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You'll want to take a mirror out in natural light to find out what your skin is actually doing, synthetic lights will like you've experienced, change your complexion to the eye. The mirror in my kitchen shows up marks more than the living room mirror, simply because the kitchen has big windows and alot of natural light gets in, wheras in the living room I'm relying more on the light bulbs as a source.

My skin looks almost green in the work toilets lol, flourecent lighting at it's best biggrin.gif

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yeha! I HATE going in the toilets at college. My face looks atrocious, all the tiny marks show up all over because of the fluorescent strip lighting in there.. but my bathroom has some nice natural lighting and a nice light; my skins is virtually flawless in there.

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