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chlorine is anti-bacterial

the deep cleaning of your entire body in swimming should not cause negative effects

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All of the swimmers I know (5 of them) have some mild acne and incredibly dry skin. One of them does not swim everyday year round and his acne goes away when he stops swimming everyday.

The chlorine will cause your skin to dry out, and that might make your acne worse. But, if you are swimming like twice a week or a few times a week or less it probably won't be a problem. Make sure to take a shower after swimming to wash all of the pool water off of you.

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Yea, we're opening our pool soon and I can't wait.

Last summer I swam everyday and I was asked why my skin was so clear. I'd get a small bump here or there but it wasn't until I stopped swimming that my face returned to it's old self.

My acne is caused more by bad skin and it's to my belief the pool not only cleansed the skin (chlorine) but also acted as an exfoliator (my face was ultra smooth).

I'd usually get up in the morning and take a dive in and do a couple laps. Then I'd get out, go up and have a shower/shave, and then throughout the day I'd take a dip here or there.

Oddly enough, I wasn't swimming at all to help my acne but as the post above said: It's fun and it helps.

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