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insect bite or cyst?

this morning i found a really red spot on the side of my cheek. After coming home from work i discover that there is a bubble and the areas surrounding it are really red. It looks pretty big and stands out. I dont get cysts so could this possibly be an insect bite?

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If it's an insect bite, chances are, you will see swollen red bumps on the skin and (if it was a bee or something) in the middle a small hole. The stinger is probably there!

Also, is it tender? Is there more than one?

Does it itch, or hurt when you aren't even touching it?

If you aren't dizzy or sick, or have pains in your chest, chances are it's not an insect bite. Those are common symptoms, along with the ones I mentioned above.

Do you have a headache? Did you have any since you noticed it?

People who get bitten by insects, usually know it. Some have difficulty breathing, swallowing, etc.


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no i dont have any of those symptoms. Just that there was a big air bubble in the middle. i Just washed my face and gently pushed down on it. It flat now and jsut a small bit of yellow liquid was in it. It was mostly a big air bubble, never had one of thsoe before.

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