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Help me choose scar treatment, please. (Pics inside).

Hi everyone. I've been lurking for a long time and really appreciate everyone on this board.

Before I found this board, I signed up for Cool Touch II treatments (only thing I could find on my own for olive-complected skin) and have had four so far. I think I see a slight (15%, maybe?) change, but it could also be the Pure Deming (love that stuff!).

Anyhow, I'm not even sure if I have icepick scars, rolling or what. I did look at the FAQ and still can't tell. I'm trying to decide whether to do subcision, spot treatment TCA or needling next. Could you help me decide and help me figure out what type of scars I have?

The ones with blue dots on top bother me the most. They are the deepest and are leftover from cystic acne I had seven years ago (sorry the pics are so big):

user posted image

Without blue spots:

user posted image

Other side (not as bad. Weird crescent shaped scar straight up from that mosquito bite looking bump near my chin. Got that after rinsing off Oure Deming. Don't know why. Never happened before.):

user posted image

Thank you so much for helping me figure this out! Happy holidays and clear complexions to everyone. biggrin.gif

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Your scars look like boxcar and rolling scars to me. I would research the following treatments for your type of scarring:

- Retin-A Micro/Copper Peptides

- SmoothBeam

- needling

- subcision/n-lite

Since you have olive skin, you may be prone to discoloration moreso than other skintypes. If you have found that to be the case, you might want to start with the least invasive methods first and then progress to more invasive measures if that doesn't work for you.

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Guest ObiWontonKenoli


Combo of Smoothbeam and some topicals should yield some improvements.

I haven't tried lactic peel and/or intense gel- it should clear out some of the redness I think.

If you can reduce most of the redness and improve the scars just a bit, even for 20-30% max, I think you're good to go.

If lactic peels is too strong, you can start by the fruit-based mask and stuff (I use papaya mask from www.zianatural.com after my smoothbeam treatment)

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I read some where on this board where someone suggested this product line called Obagi. It has a blue peel. That is suppose to work on women of color. I am thinking about looking into it. I have already made the first move by gettting in touch with a doctor that specilizes in this type of treatment. I read some of the success stories from different people who had tried it. The one that interested me the most was the lady that african american. If you want to know about it go online to Obagi.com and read up on it. I am sure there is a doctor in your area that does this procedure. Anything is worth a try right? I figure I want give up until I finally find something that works and I have been suffering with this disease for years. It totally strips your self esteem totally. Go ahead and check into. Good Luck.

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I think TCA Cross therapy ( done in a doctors office) would work very well for you. I have less scarring than you but they are of similiar shape, depth and size ( yours and mine are rolling or boxcar scars).

I have had TCA Cross done and works damn good. You will need to have it done with 100% TCA, 5 or 6 times, over the course of eight to ten months. You need to wait at least 6 weeks in between treatments.

Your scars will initially look much worse ( common) and the spots treated will scab for six to tens days. After that they will remain pretty red for the course of the treatment. After the treatment is completed they will remain red for up to 3 to 6 months.

But it does work, I am proof, and I have previously tried every single treatment available. TCA Cross therapy was the best at diminishing the appearance of our type of acne scars.

I have downloaded the original TCA Cross doctors document from the internet. It explains the treatment in detail. This document was authored by the physicians that invented ( or discovered by accident actually) the treatment.

If you ( or anyone else) want the document I would be happy to e-mail it to you ( it currently costs $29 to download it) for free.

Just leave your e-mail here somewhere and I'll send it.

If you decide to do TCA Cross please do it at a doctors office. It should cost about $1500 for the entire treatments, a price out of no ones range if they really want it. Many people on these boards are doing it themselves and are playing with fire, no matter what anyone says. It is a simple procedure, but has to be done with a trained deft hand.


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I have downloaded the TCA document and really think that will be the next thing I try *after* my sixth session of Cool Touch II. Maybe I'm going crazy, but after using Pure Deming Intense Gel for almost two weeks, I swear I'm seeing serious improvement. I'll take photos and post later on. Perhaps the Cool Touch has just started to kick in combined with the Pure Deming, but something is definitely working.

I'm bi-racial (Black and White) and this is the only thing after YEARS of trying (TCA peels, Retin A) that has been any help.

I wish I could find a doctor in Los Angeles area to do TCA spot treatment. If anyone knows one, please let me know. If not, I'll try it myself on *one* pit at a time.

You guys are great. Hope everyone had a great new year.

Robyn :-)

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Are you still around? I wanted to know how your scars were doing after the Cool Touch treatments. I have had four so far. After reading your post, I am going to buy the Pure Deming Intense Gel.

I have olive skin so there are not too many options for me either. After my Cool Touch treatments (two more to go), I am thinking about getting a TCA peel or some type of chemical peel.

Did you find a dr. in L.A.? I live in the area so if you find someone, let me know. By the way, where were you getting your Cool Touch treatments and how much were they charging?


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I just had the sixth of my sixth Cool Touch treatments (The place I go to is using the Cool Touch II Laser as opposed to the original Cool Touch). I paid $1500 for the six treatments.

Honestly, I can see some improvement, not much, but the scars aren't as deep anymore (perhaps 20% improvement...for some reason they looked great the day I posted, then they seemed to not look so great later on...wierd).

The improvement may be due to the combination of the Cool Touch and the Pure Deming.

I got my Cool Touch treatments at Marina Plastic Surgery / Dermatology Center. I *did* not research this place well, just did an online search for "olive skin acne scars los angeles" and this place and cool touch came up. Staff was nice. I'm thinking of going to San Diego to get TCA done by a dr. who has had good reviews here after seeing if the Cool Touch works some more magic or not.

Let me know how you like the PD Gel! I'm still loving it!

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Hi Tanpuppies,

$1500 for 6 Cool Touch treatments. That is a really good deal.

Hey, it seems like I am copying you. he he he

After reading several posts, I decided after my 6th Cool Touch treatment I want to get a TCA peel. I have olive skin just like you.

Have you found a doctor to do the peel? Where, and can you give me the info? I am going to do research too. You said that you might go to San Diego to get it done. I would not mine that either. he he I'd probably jump the border and go party in TJ or Rosarita. ha ha smile.gif

Do you know how long you have to wait before getting the TCA done since you had Cool Touch II treatments?

I wanted to see your photos but it said photo not found. Do you have your photos anywhere else?

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