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Would glycolic peels help??

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ok, so i have scarred pores on my cheeks. they're very superficial and quite mild, or so my friends say, but they bother the shit out of me. what can i say? i am my own worst critic!

would a couple of glycolic peels help eliminate scarred pores? i've done some research on the boards, and it seems as though glycolic peels help with minor scarring and red marks. please help a girl out! thanks in advance!


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yes, they can, but start off at 30% and work your way up to 70. First week do a 30 percent for like 2 mins wash it off then do another right after for 2 more mins and the next week do a 50 for 2 mins wash, 2 mins wash, next week 50's again then wait two weeks and do a 70. That's the way my dr. said to do them...

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If you are asian like your username implies, you likely have sensitive skin. 30% will fry your skin if you've never used glycolic before. I would start off at a lower percentage. 8% or 10% for up to 5 minutes. Believe me, 8-10% is plenty for delicate skins!

Glycolic likely won't get rid of your scarred pores, but it will greatly improve your tone and texture.

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