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It helped my acne alot, but lost too much weight so I stopped taking it :S

Did you notice if your skin got worse by stopping the B5?

It was quite clear for a month or so. Then I started to breakout a little.

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It helped my acne alot, but lost too much weight so I stopped taking it :S

Did you notice if your skin got worse by stopping the B5?

It was quite clear for a month or so. Then I started to breakout a little.

Sorry to hear that then

but thanks so much for letting me know :)

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Does anyone know if vitamin b5 will make the skin sensitive to sun exposure? I can't find any information on it so I'm assuming it doesn't. I just want to be sure.

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I have mild acne, and i've been on 10g of vitamin b5 daily for a month now. But I see no major improvement, it's pretty much the same, i got two bad outbreaks at the beginning which still didn't heal completely!!

Maybe my skin is a little drier, that is about all I see...Oh yes along with initial digestion problems.. !

Should i continue and buy another kilo, or should I just accept this doesn't work for me...

Next things I will try are megadosing vit. a, guggul extract and megadosing zinc smile.png. Last resort will be accutane

I am combining this with topical treatment, salycilic acid, azelaic acid and retinol with a moisturizer (oil free atm)

I don't really have big acne problems, but my skin just doesn't look nice from up close..,I have blemishes, and red zits that just don't want to go away..

I've been on accutane before and it really wasn't that bad- the result was more then worth all the side effects

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I been taking this for three months now. I tried taking it down to 5g a day but my face breaks out, I bump it back up to 10g and my face clears up. What gives? What do I do?

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My experience thus far: I started clearing acne by good diet and got clear (although bad scarring). I had a few mild bumps but my cycstic acne was behind me. I started b5 regimen source naturals brand 3g for 3 days. During those 3 days, my scarring started to look better, my skin was slightly less oily, and my few mild bumps went away. I had 3 really small bumps and that was it. I did not pass solid stool for those 3 days constantly upset stomach farting. The next three days I decided to bump my dosage to 5g (just to see what happens). My stomach got used to it and started to get less upset and more soild stools, I epxerienced moderate hair fallout, and MANY small initial breakouts that were in uncharacteristic places: nose, inner cheek ( I never get breakouts on nose before this). After three days on 5g, the intial breakouts got worse and stopped regimen.


Positive results were achieved on 3g per day for 3 days, but then agian I started off the regimen with mild acne. I had 12 small heads and went down to 3 in those three days.

I think the 10g might be a bit too much, I think postive results can be achieved at a much lower dose in combination with a good diet. Right now I have about a dozen breakout spots and 4 cystic acne due to the initial breakout, I am recovering my skin right now by not taking any vitamin b5.I am going to wait before it clear naturally and try to go on a lighter dosage next time~around 1.5g (higher or lower depending on how clear I am) as to not upset my stomach, and cause other side effects.

By the way heres what I was eating throughout (and before the regimen)

Morning: greek yogurt, oatmeal, bagel, fruit

lunch: sandwich/sub/ or salad

snack: some kind of protien (shake, tuna, or yogurt) and a banana

dinner: salad or chicken breast/vegetables

calories: 2000-2500

carbs: 300gish




vitamin b5


fish oil

vitamin d


i am a 23 yr old male btw

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Well my experience with b5 is very bad. I was taking 10g for 50days ( had 500g of b5).

At first it got worse, got 3 cystic acne (never had them before !!) and around them few normal acne appeared. Then the outbreaks stopped but those acne took a long time to heal.. Anyways at the end I was pretty much where i started, the skin did not improve not even a bit!

Also I think my hair line receded a bit, although my gf says it didn't. Kind of paranoid since my father is bald smile.png . Well I bought nizoral cream and started using that to counter the b5 effects.

Probably the worse "acne treatment" i ever tried!

Maybe something about my background:

I am 22 year old male, was on accutane once before cleared me up completely. I never had really bad acne but they were persistant, i guess they were moderate at their worst!

Now I started hitting the gym hard , and the hormonal impact caused the acne to reappear after 3 years.. It was the worst when i went from dieting to bulking..

I have a nice clean diet, fruits, vegetables, seeds and ofcourse lots of protein..

I know if i can convince my doctor to prescribe accutane once more I will definitely do that ! Probably the best thing for acne, you can just forget about your skin and it improves

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Hey just a reccomendation, high dose vitamin b5 will give you hair shedding. due to the extra toxicity of the vitamins. I was using 2 grams of vitamin b5 (source naturals brand) and getting hair shedding. I added 1000mg a day of acetyl l-carnetine (country life brand) and the hair shedding reduced significantly within a few days.You just have to play around with the dosage, keep a log book of your progress. l-carnetine is essetnital in making that coenzyme-a I also heard l-cycstine works as well but never tried it. again adding l-carnetine will boost your bioavailable b5 so it will give you an initial breakout.

Also just becuase your on vitamins doesn't mean you can eat like shit, to my knowledge b5 reduces the severity of breakouts but does not prevent breakouts themselves. I noticed that my cycstic acne is gone but I still get small bumps when I eat carbs/sugar.

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