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I have noticed a large amount of posts pertaining to vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), with usually the same questions asked over and over agian. Therefore I have decided to make a thread with hopefully all the information someone would need to go on the supplement.


First off, the thing that irks most people is the very high dosage that is needed of B5. In Dr. Lit-Hung Leung's study the dosage that was mainly used is 10 grams. This is ideally how much you should take to get the best results. However, do not begin taking 10 grams right away. Your body needs to get used to the high intake of B5.

Since you will be taking 10 grams a day, it is best to buy Vitamin B5 in capsules that are 500mg each. 1000mg (milligrams) is equal to 1g (gram). Therefore, 2 pills is 1 gram.

-For the first 3 days, you will want to take a dosage of 5 grams a day. This is a total of 10 pills a day. It is good to have it spread out throughout the day, so it might be good to take 5 pills in the morning, and 5 pills at night.

-When the 3 days are up, you will be moving up the full 10 gram dosage. This will mean 20 pills a day. Again, you will want to have a steady supply of B5 throughout the day, so taking it in intervals is important. You will be taking 5 pills, 4 times a day. It is very key to be as consistent as you can.

-Keep taking the vitamin B5 for 3 months. I saw results after the 1st week, some people see first results after 2 weeks. After 3 months you should hopefully have clear skin. Make sure you take the b5 consistenly and EVERY DAY for 3 months. (Note: Some people have an initial breakout. This can be caused from pre-existing pimples that are just pushing through. But keep with it, it WILL help you.)

-After your acne has finally cleared up, you will still want to continue taking B5, but not in such high doses. Maybe drop down to 5 grams a day. If you get more acne, increase your dosage immediately, and then adjust to a dosage where you do not break out. Overtime you can keep decreasing.

-Another point I would like to mention is to make sure you take vitamin B complex vitamins. Taking this much vitamin b5 might cause a deficiency in the other b vitamins. I just take 1 pill of the complex twice a day.

Possible Side Effects

The good thing about B5 is that it doesn't really have many side effects. Here is what most people have reported:

-Stomach irritation

-Mild or severe diarrhea

-Frequent bathroom visits

-Hairloss (rare) Some cases on message boards have reported hair loss but it isn't something I would worry about, and it definetly shouldn't keep you from taking B5.

-Increased appetite (I seem to always be hungry, I am eating lots more than I ever have before)

-Chapped lips

Personally, I had some stomach grumbling for the first few days. I went poop frequently, and farted a lot. But this pretty much went away after 5 days. It is VERY GOOD to take your B5 with food. This will minimize diarrhea or stomach troubles.

B5 is water-soluble, so it is impossible to overdose on it. It is very, very safe. I read that it might not be the best idea to take it while pregnant or breast feeding.

How it works

Basically what the high doses of B5 do is create high amounts of Coenzyme-A. People with acne are lacking in the metabolism of fats. This is because they do not have enough Coenzyme-A in the body. The fats do not break down, but get deposited in your sebaceous (oil) glands and get secreted as sebum (oil). The p.acne bacteria feeds off of this sebum, and creates acne.

With all of this extra Coenzyme-A, all these fats can be broken down, and you do not have oily skin. Since you have a minimal amount of oil on your skin, no acne is produced (Hurray). Accutane also minimizes oil production, but it does so by shrinking your oil glands. The pantothenic acid doesn't need to shrink your oil glands, because it causes there to not be oil there in the first place. An extra bonus from pantothenic acid (B5) is that is makes your pores smaller. This results in making your skin smooth and good looking.

Where to get it

This is a department that some people have trouble in. You probably won't find it in super markets, or stores like CVS. You will need to find it in shops that are specialized in drugs or vitamins. This means stores like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, etc. I personally get it from a local Vitamin Shoppe. Many times it will not be under the name B5, but Pantothenic Acid. Here is a Vitamin Shoppe link of what their brand looks like. You can order it on their site if you want too. Note how it has 500mg capsules, and there are 300 of them. Make sure you buy a lot because they get used up quickly. Many people do not like the price, but it's worth it to get rid of your acne. So KEEP AT IT, clear skin is just around the corner.

I will probably update/edit this post where I see fit, or if I get asked to. Feel free to add any/all useful info.

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I'm on minocycline and zineryt(erytromycine) right now and the zineryt cleared me up actually after a week but I'm on my second week right now and got a outbreak again. I heard the mino kicks in somewhere after the third week. Anyway, I was wondering if it's OK to take B5 with mino and zineryt?

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Yes your back won't be as moist/oily and the acne should subside. Mine is gone, I just have some of these dark spots leftover that I have to wait to fade.

Piso these levels of B5 are not dangerous at all. It is water-soluble so you can't overdose on it. You actually pee out a large percentage of it anyway.

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If I have read it correctly, than according to Dr. Leung, 100% RDA is not enough for some or a lot of people.

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the vitamin shoppe charges 21$ in shipping to Canada for a single bottle, is there any other place online where you could order good B5 ?

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And I heard taking more than one B-complex a day would just flush out everything else taken that day, along with additional B-complex.
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If correct, one B100-complex is about the same as 4 times a B25-complex.

How much B-complex you need probably depends on how much B5 you're taking.

But I don't know how much B-complex people need. Acnemiracle says a B50-complex. I'm taking a B100-complex, Multivitamines, 2gr biotin, optizinc and 3gr B5 per day.

I don't think taking a B100-complex or lower will flush out "everything else".

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3gr is my maintenance dose. (a low dose at which B5 is still effective in the body)

2gr was a typo smile.gif

it's 2mg.

I use biotin because it might enhance the effect of B5, it's good for the hairs and minimizes biotin deficiency. I had hairthinning while on B5. I'm not sure if it's caused by B5, but if it's caused by B5 than it might be biotin deficiency. So to minimize this, I take extra biotin.

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