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Good grity/sand/mineral like cleanser. Have scars/hyperpig

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Hello all, my first topic.

I have hyperpigmentation from the irritation caused by ACNE & Shaving.

Everytime I shaved I broke out partly because I get oily skin after i shave.When I broke out, the zits left marks(90 %whiteheads and the rest blackheads/red pimples etc..)

As the Marks from the Zits accumulated, they darkened my skin in the area affected. Many marks over time has robbed me of my natural complexion. Only a small area of my skin has the original complexion.

I had hairs growing above my beard line. When I shaved these hairs my skin probably from the irritation became dark.

Not sure if this is the correct forum, if it isn't I apologize, but since I have scars/hyperpigmentation I thought this is the place. I have very little new ACNE (3-4 zits a week)

I need a gritty cleanser with sand or mineral like substance. I have been using the PROACTIV cleanser. It has the abrasive quality I like but it doesn't foam so I END UP USING A LOT OF IT to cover my face fully.

I finished the bottle in just over a month and am now out of it.

I only like the cleanser, not the other PROACTIV stuff. Does anyone know if they sell only cleanser?

Can you guys/gals suggest cleansers that foam and have the abrasive/gritty quality i described above.

Are there cleansers that feel and look like Masks that have gritty substances.

Are there cleansing masks that replace the role of a traditional cleanser.

What masks will NOT make my pores bigger and more noticeable.

PS I am East Indian and have dark brown and light brown skin.

After reading the threads on Mandelic acid, I am planning on giving it a try.


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I am black and I cannot use razors either. This is actually a disease called 'psedu barbicullus' or something like that. Seems like you need to stop using razorz too. Seems like the razor bumps are causing the majority of your problems. I use a product called Magic Shave. There are different types. The one I use is a paste, there is also one which you have to mix with water, but in my opinion that is too much work. Anway, all you do is put it on your face and leave it for 7-10 minutes, then scrape it off. An old plastic credit card works pretty good or they sell a plastic razor that works too. I also use it to shave my head. Afterwards use your normal skin care products, moisturizer after shave. It only costs like 3$ and lasts me about 2weeks. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply

I wish I had cared about my skin in the past and taken the time and intrest to find out solutions for my shaving problem.

I don't really get bumps, just get white heads due to shaving. I get 1 or 2 even without shaving but get like 7 if i shave.

I went to electrolysis a couple of days ago. It totally messed up my skin .My cheeks became red and more scarring.

Whats worse is now my beard won't grow. I only had electrolysis on some hair on my upper cheek. sad.gif

I hope and pray that my beard grow back if it does, i'll give your product advice a try.

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