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I took accutane from late May-late September, so I was only on it for 4 months. For about half of that time I was taking 40 mg a day, and the other half it was 40 even days, 80 odd (I'm 155 lbs).

At that rate I was supposed to be on it for 6 months total.

Well I have an appointment with a different dermatologist in mid January to see about getting microdermabrasion done....Do you think they'll let me do it? By that time I'll have been off of it for almost 4 months, and the actual procedure itself probably won't be for another 2 weeks after the initial consultation.

I really hope they'll let me do it, considering I wasn't on it very long and I was on a relatively low dose for my weight. I know waiting another month or two for the 6 month mark doesn't seem like a long time to you guys but I'm dying to get something done!

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I think you may be confusing micro-dermabrasion with dermabrasion. You will probably be able to get micr-dermabrasion done, but it will do little to decrease your scars, just your money. Dermabrasion will help but its expensive and could actually cause more problems. You do need to be off accutane for a year to get this done. I have been hearing alot about Smoothbeam, do a search on this board and i'm sure you'll find some information. You will also need to be off accutane for 1 year to get this done.

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I have heard that you must wait 6 months to a year before doing any scar treatments. I'd hate for you to risk further scarring. I wouldn't do it unless your Dr. said it was ok.

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