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Questions about home-made ALA/DMAE/C-Ester cream, please....


I have just purchased ALA, DMAE, C-Ester (Ascorbyl Palmitate)--all in capsule form, as well as the Cetaphil cream.

The only ingredient that I have not purchased--is the Emu Oil, as I am afraid that this may cause break-outs for me.

I would like to use Aloe Vera Gel (pure, 100%) in place of the Emu Oil.

I have had good luck with Aloe in the past, and I remember reading a post on this board from Maya---that ALoe and Jojoba oil also help products to penetrate better (just like Emu Oil)

I will be following drvpaul's post listing the ingredients and amounts for the home made ALA/DMAE/C cream--- but will instead be using the Aloe Gel in place of the Emu.

It would really help me a lot--if those of you with experience making the home made cream--could please tell me what you think about using the Aloe in place of the Emu??

Also, should I keep the cream in the refrigerator once it's made?

I purchased an "Oil of Olay" rip-off cream from a dollar store--which I will empty and clean out thoroughly-- and then store my home made cream in this--as it has an air-tight lid.

Advice/suggestions---would be greatly appreciated!

I will let others know whether or not my home made cream is helping me.

( have shallow, rolling type scarring on my cheeks, BTW. )

Thanks O:)


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Yes, you can use aloe or jojoba instead of emu oil - no problem. And it is best to refrigerate (although I'm too lazy to) and shake b4 each use.

Good luck!

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Hello Autumnbelle -

Don't worry too much about your choice of "base". Go ahead and try the aloe. I've used it in conjunction with various oils and creams. The key is to find the concoction that best suits your own skin type - and gives you a good consistency. For instance, I found that olive oil best prevented break-outs for me, and that the aloe was useful when I over-did it with the ALA (it's an acid afterall).

Don't be afraid to experiment with this. I never bothered with refrigeration - even after preparing a 2 week supply. Altho I tend to make a 4-day batch at a time now.

Good luck - and have fun with it!

- Veronica

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Hi : )

Thanks so much for replying!

I cannot wait to get started tomorrow!

The only thing that I am concerned about now, is the DMAE that I bought. I went to a great health food store today and found a great Vitamin C-Ester (Ascorbyl Palmitate) and a great ALA product, however, there were no DMAE products without at least some fillers. I purchased Twin Lab capsules that do contain 100 mg DMAE bitartrate, the other ingredients include Potato Starch, Gelatin, Cellulose, Purified Water, Magnesium Stearate, MCT and Silica.

I'm hoping that these other ingredients will not inhibit the DMAE from doing it's job ; )

I am also going to call Skin Biology tomorrow, and ask them exactly why Vitamin C cancels out the copper--and if there is a "time frame"

In other words....

Would the copper still be cancelled out if I use the Super CP Serum in the morning at 6:00 a.m. and then use my home made ALA/DMAE/C-Ester-- in the evening. (This would be about 15 hours apart from each other)

I only use the Super CP Serum a few times a week, and would still like to be able to incorporate it in my regimen.

Thanks again for taking the time to post. I really do appreciate it : )

Take Care,


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I'm not too sure about the DMAE but with the copper peptides, I believe the time you should leave is 12 hours b4 switching to Vit C products.

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Thanks, Maya!

That's pretty much what I thought (over 12 hours)

but, I feel more positive now that you believe it also.

I will call Skin Biology later today, and find out for sure. Then I'll post back to let everyone know.

Thanks so much for your help : )

Have a GREAT day!!


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Thanks so much, Maya. I read the entire thread--and found it very interesting, indeed.

I just got off the phone with Skin Biology, actually--right before getting on my computer : )

They said as long as the products are applied at least 12 hours apart--it should be fine--OR one could use the products on alternating days.

I am going to go ahead and use the Super CP Serum at 6:30 a.m. and my home made stuff between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m. and see what happens. I did not have the chance to make my home made stuff yet--as it is my nephews 1st birthday today--and I decided to go out shopping to buy him even more presents (He is SOooo adorable--I cannot help but spoil him ; )

I will definitely be making the home made "potion" this evening when I get home, and I will post within the next few days to report on it.

Thanks again for all of your help. I have read so many posts by you, Maya, and it is my opinion that you are not only very knowledgeable --but also extremely kind and caring--so thank you --for helping me, as well as everyone else who comes here with need of help and encouragement!

Take Care and have a GREAT 2004 yourself!!


P.S. Thanks for the compliment on my name : )

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