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I have some questions about the regimen.

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Hi, I just ordered the cleanser + regimen gel from Dan's site the other day. The regimen seems really easy to follow but I have some questions about moisturizing.

1.It says in the regimen check list that moisturizing at night is optional, meaning that I have to only moisturize once a day. The only problem is that I use jojoba oil as a moisturizer which leaves my face really oily, I can't possibly apply this to my face and go outside, it's embaressing.

Would it make any difference if I only moisturized at night ,before bedtime?

2.I bought 1 cleanser with 2 regimen gels. how long should this stuff last if I use it exactly as the regimen says? I really want to know when I should make another order.

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Hi and welcome!

1. Yes, you can flip flop if you want. The idea is to moisturize at least once a day. Some people need to do it twice a day though. Either way, it's fine if that makes your skin happy and your acne better.

2. 1 bottle of cleanser and 2 gels should last you about 2 months, if you are only treating your face. It may vary a bit. You might want to go ahead and place another order after about 3-4 weeks, just so you have some on hand. But you will be able to tell how fast you are going to go through them when you are settled into the Regimen and using the full amount of BP. It takes a few weeks to build up to the full amount.

Good luck!

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About 1~2 months you say. Well that's great I should know by that time if the regimen is working for me or not. I only ordered a small amount at first to try out the benzoyl peroxide to see if I'm allergic to it or not, since I never tried it before, but so far so good!

Thanks for the reply :)

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You might just use a sunscreen in the day, which will be very lightly moisturizing and protect your skin from sun damage. BP and the sun are not a good combination at all since your skin will burn very easily, so you should be wearing at least SPF 15 when you go outside with BP on. The Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sunblocks are very popular to use with the regimen, and you might find this to be moisturizing enough for the daytime. Do keep using the jojoba oil at night at the very least, though. The way I use jojoba oil, which doesn't leave my face shiny at all in the end, is to actually apply it all over my face after I've cleansed but before I do BP. This leaves it less dry and tight after I've applied the BP, and it doesn't look oily after the BP dries. You might find that this works in the day time for you too.

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