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Non Cream Moisturizer?

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I've tried Complex 15 and some Neutrogena with SPF 15, and both leave a weird looking residue on my face.

Can anyone recommend a gel like moisturizer, sort of like Dan's BP? It seems that I don't do too well with creams or lotions.


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hmmm, have you tried maybe using less moisturizer, or diluting them with a bit of water to thin them out? Just put a pea-sized blob or two into the palm of your hand, and add a small bit of water, rub your hands together to thin it out then apply. See if that helps.

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Paula Begoun makes one of the few gel-based moisturizers that I've heard of: http://www.cosmeticscop.com/shop/product.a...&PAGETYPE=S

If Complex 15 is leaving a weird residue on your face, though, then I think you might be having problems with your BP or how you're applying it, and a gel moisturizer would not really help. I use Complex 15 and it's very watery, thin, absorbs right away and leaves no residue behind. Can you describe what BP you use, how you apply it, the time it takes, etc.?

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I use Dan's BP, about a full finger's length for almost my whole face, except my nose and under my eyes.

It usually takes forever for me to rub in, despite having tried every trick in the book and after trying some of the advice I've gotten on this forum. It usually takes me upwards of 15 minutes for an application. I apply it pretty much exactly how it's applied in Dan's video. I do have very oily skin, so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it.

I wouldn't say complex 15 leaves a white residue all over my face, but it does leave some residue in certain places and tends to ball up a bit in others. It's not a huge huge problem, but let's just say that when I go out I usually have a bit of white stuff (BP or moisturizer) slightly visible somewhere on my face.

Like I said it's not a huge deal, but it can be kind of embarassing if someone notices.

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