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some scar treatment questions

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sorry there is a lot of qeustions here. i am getting fraxel done but i have deep scars i understand this will not do anything for them so i want to have subcision and saline injections but i also want to have micro droplet silicone so i would like to know can i have both the saline and silicone in my face at the same time? or can i only have one done ever? and does one particular one have to be done after the other? also can i havethem done at the same time as having the fraxel done or must i wait untill i finish fraxel and if so how long after. I would like to have silicone droplet inbetween my fraxel treatments but i do not know if i can, and then subcision and saline injections afterwards (all this in the same scars) or the other way around - saline/subcision and then the silicone after. i feel i want to start to do it now because i cannot wait and fraxel takes such a long time and so do the results from these procedures. i think i would prefer silicone if i have to choose over subcision and saline as i think this may give better results but eventually i would like both to get the best results possible.

any help with these questions will be very truly appreciated thank you very much


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i have just found out some information that silicone oil can be used alone or in conjunction with other facial procedures such as laser, peels and facial surgery so i think this means i can have it done inbetween getting my fraxel treatments. (i will post fraxel results when i see them for anybody that would be interested) what i would like to know is if i could have subcision and saline injections afterwards in the same area i have had silicone injected? any ideas please anybody?

as well as box cars i have a very short but deep 'wrinkle' with a tiny ice pick inside at one end when it stretches you can see this and the deep wrinkle seems to dissapear. this is why i think i need both silicone and the sub/saline as it is short but deep looks a wrinkle but is a scar result of acne. i am so upset about it.

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