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It's alrite. There are all sorts of weird people out there. Dont let one person let you down. And crying is normal. This society just doesnt accept that kinda act from a guy which is kinda sad. If you go to other countries, crying is ok for a guy. I learned this in psychology/sociology =D.

Well, it's good that your trying to rebuild your confidence. Thats a good start. First, try to control your acne (and you are at the rite place to get that info btw) and go see a derm. Tell your doctor wat you are going through. I dont know the severity of your skin condition but I have tried alot in teh past and nothin works better than accutane. (consult ur doctor first b4 making the decision).

And just be yourself. Girls know when you are being a poser.

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Hang in there! I understand how difficult it can be to rebuild confidence when you have a face full of acne. Sometimes it makes you feel flat out worthless. It is easy to let it get you down, but you have to remember that there is much more to life than the condition of your skin.. even though it may not always seem that way. I’m sure you will find a great girl out there that will be able to love and accept you for who you are. Until then try to concentrate on the good things in life, and focus on getting through this rough patch.

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i say it all the time..the people who really care about you don;t care about your acne..find those people and stick with them.

there's so much more to you then what's on your face.

have you been to a derm or are you doing anything for your skin?

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