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I am cursed with genetic acne from both sides of my family and each at different phases. My dad severaly when he was a teen and my mom who has it moderatley now at 40. At 7th grade I had clear skin and never wore make-up but the end of that year everything was a down hill slide I am afraid I will have acne all my life. Every day I am surrounded by people with clear skin and it makes me sick! My best friend is the only other person besides me who has acne in our grade(11th). I hate it. If that wasn't bad enough it isn't only my face it is my back too. I have been told by many I could become a model if I didn't have acne! I don't even wear swimsuits because I am so embarrased, if I want to go swimming which I try to avoid at all costs I wear a tank top and shorts(shorts just cause I hate swimsuit bottoms smile.gif ) I have longed to wear tank tops but I just don't have the guts. I feel as though everyone stares and judges me. I have had people come up and ask my if I have sun blisters or something to that effect. I could go dig a hole right then and there.

My brother now in 8th grade is experienceing it too.

Does anyone else share this genetic curse!!?? sad.gif

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my mom had sevre cystic acne for 7 years untreated, she never had scars.

my dad has had no acne ever

i've had moderate (now mild) acne, and i got some minor scars from it

go figure

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Yeah, it's really depressing because my brother when he came home for Christmas was like really broken out. I don't think he'd ever had a zit in his life previous to that lol. He's 22, and it's pretty discouraging to think that I'll probably still have this crap then. Argh.

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