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Antibiotics and oily skin

ok i been takin antibiotics and it is somewhat working, but my skin gets so oily. Is B5 the only supplement that will reduce or elminate oily skin?

i hate oil so much all over my nose and by my cheeks. any suggestions

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It surprise me that antibiotics are working for you .

The only thinks that really work for oil are

1) Isotretinoin ( Accutane / Roaccutane) this is the magic bullet

2)tretinoin ( Retin-a)

3)Ketoconazole ( Nizoral)

4)Topical antiandrogen ( Flutamide , spironolactone,)

5) Azelaic acid ( Skinore/Cutacelam/Azelex)

I am not sure if B5 work for oil


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wash your face every 3-4 hours for the next 2 weeks with nothing but warm wather and even set your alarm klok ones or twice at night. this wiill stabalise your body's production of natural oils, wich doesn't block your pores as much. also make sure the temperature esspecially at night is a little below average, and avoid places with high humidity factors.

this is pretty much all you can do without aid of medicaments.

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Guys i recomend you to try Nizoral shampoo fot the oil, the best if to obtain the 2% but if not buy the 1%. YOu could obtain it in Any pharmacy. Is use it to treat drandruf and male patter baldness.

You should apply to your face, let it for 6 minutes and then clean it. By the way is not expensive.

Give it a try smile.gif

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Minocycline worked pretty well for me, plus I was on Tazorac.

I didn't feel that it made a difference until a few months after I stopped taking it. Although, I suppose the Taz helped a tiny bit.

Don't subject your skin to stuff you don't need. And, washing your face too much is going to make you oilier, and irritated.

Antiandrogen drugs, like Spiro are good, but aren't used in men very often.

As for Nizoral, it says a lot on the MSDS, and one of the things they say is not to use on broken or inflamed skin. So, using this may not be a good idea for those with acne. I wouldn't chance it...I'm a little too prone to product induced redness.

I wash with water in the AM, cleanser for PM.

I barely use anything else except my Tazorac. I had OILY OILY skin and now it's not so bad. I use blot papers, they rock. Takes the oil off, without putting anything on your skin. Clean and Clear makes the cheapest kind, but there are high end versions available also.

You might also want to look into Milk Of Magnesia. It's super effective, but can be easy to overuse.


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