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'How a pint of milk a day can give you spots'

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My mum came up into my room and plonked the daily mail on page three infront of me and told me to read at the bottom. Research suggests that drinking milk actually makes your acne worse. This makes sense as loads of people on here have suggested that dairy products aggrevate acne and it didn't really surprise me. It actually mentions that in a study, those who were drinking skimmed milk found the situation get worse by up to 44% and those who drank whole milk found a 12% difference. It says that Experts blame the problem on the common pratice of milking cows when they are pregnant. It means their milk is packed with hormones which the human body is not designed to deal with. Once in the body, they cause oil-producing glands to work overtime yada yada dead skin cells mix to cause block pores and spots. And that processing milk to make the low-fat versions raise the hormone levels in the milk making it worse.

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yes dairy milk is loaded with hormones which is bound to make acne worse

try soymilk i had no breakouts from drinking soymilk lately

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They're ingesting hormones into everything (besides the milk that already comes with it), no wonder the kids these days look like damn watermelons that are almost taller than me! Even the plants, chickens, everything, not only our milk. :(

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