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Scientific Method for acne.org?

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Hey Dan and crew,

I've had this idea for a while now... Hope it makes sense.

You might remember that "Scientific Method" thing we all used in high school.


I figure, if people are patient enough (which I believe they can be), they can fill out a form on acne.org that uses some kind of scientific method. This would all be submitted into a database where people can search for tags and get real results.

I'm suggesting this because people have good ideas here but most of them aren't scientifically done (ie. people use multiple products at once, or don't follow there regimens properly, or are too vague), leading to messy results and bad information. Does this make any sense?

So basically people can search for something in the database (ie. some diet), and people can see the results... Just a thought :think:

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I think it's a nice idea to encourage people to only change one factor at a time, not immediately blame breakouts on new products and ditch them, etc., but I also think that would be pretty hard to do. For now, I just distrust anecdotal evidence, especially that without pictures to support claims (like, some people here have acne that's so imperceptible that I simply can't trust their claims about which products are good) or multiple sources vouching for the product/regimen. Dan and Joel took a step in this direction a while back by adding in extra fields to the product reviews so that we could find out more about how the reviewer used it, maybe adding in more would help.

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