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Guest Dagney

Fraxil or chemical Peal

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Guest Dagney

Hey Guys,

I am new here and have become a member because I am so overwhelmed with the multitude of remedies and treatments out there.

I suffer from ice pick marks on my checks due to some bad decisions I made a number of years ago regarding going into the sun and taking Acutine (the docs were right evidently).

I consulted with a doctor who recommended Fraxil so I went in for one treatment so far last week. After a few days the redness went away and I was discouraged that no results can be seen as of yet. I hear that it might take a few treatments and from what I am reading here in this forum, it seems like it could take 5-10 treatments to really see substantial changes. I am thinking that if it is going to take that long and that much money ($800 a pop) I might as well take the time off from work, do a full chemical peal ordeal and get the damn thing over with. I can take the pain and the expense, but I just want to make sure that this will work. It seems logical to me that if you peal off the damaged layer of skin, new skin will grow underneath. I also understand that there are some risks involved.

Can someone help me with some advice on this - should I stick with the fraxil or plunge into a chemical peal treetment? Honestly, I just want smoother skin - I would even settle with OK skin that looks good with make up at this point.



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you might want to post your pics so we can see exactly what your scars are like, but i would not do either of those for ice pick scarring.

most definitely NOT a chemical peel as it is just peeling top layers. fraxel also works much better for rolling scars than for ice picks or boxscars (all about the depth the laser reaches).

you may want to look on the boards for excision, needling, and TCA cross techniques and see what people have to say.

then you might follow up with fraxel once the depth of the scars is less significant.

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