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I've been trying to watch how much I eat, I was going to make some chicken for dinner with one of those scallop potato sidedish things, and it has over 200mg per 1/4 package (I love those so much I could probably eat most if not the whole pack lol). Then I thought I'd make something quicker, put chunks of chicken in with one of those ramen noodle packs, until I saw 2280mg per pack! I only eat the noodles with the chicken though, discarding the broth after...so would the majority of the sodium be in the broth and noodles not be so bad? (yeah I know there's not much nutrition in them).

So how much sodium should we have a day? And how much until it starts being really harmful?

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There would still be a lot of sodium with the noodles. Just so you know, the sodium in salt is bad for you, but the chloride is much worse. So, when referring to salt and the problems that come with it, refer to it as salt as a whole, because salt as whole when consumed in large quantities is bad for you as a whole.

I am not sure of when it really becomes harmful, but if you eat enough meat, and fruits and veggies, you will not need any extra salt.

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A trick to a certain point is to eat tons of potassium rich foods to counteract the sodium. It really the ratio of potassium to sodium that matters more than total sodium intake. To a point.

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