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Guest Scorpioness

? 4 Denise2... needling vs CROSS

Guest Scorpioness


Since I know you have scarred pores like me (I have like a zillion), and you have had both needling and CROSS done, my question is this:

Which procedure brought you the most noticable and rapid improvement to your scarred pores?

My main problem is scarred pores and shallow scarring/uneven skin (although I have deeper ones as well).

Do or did you have this problem and how well and fast does the needling improve this?

Thanks in advance, Denise. :-)

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Hey SV:

I would say that I got PHENOMENOL results with needling scarred pores on my forehead. These would be the ones you can house a family of four in.... biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif/ :lol:

Needling is fantastic for any kind of scarring. I got really good results on all my scars BUT I could probably do with more needling on the chickenpox scars I have (one on chin and one by eye). Nevertheless, because Lilian is two hours away, and they were doing MAJOR construction in DC, I was lead to try stuff with the tca because I didn't want to deal with the construction, or driving up to DC with all the terror-related threats.

Plus, once the scars get pretty small, you could potentially make it worse or bigger again when you use a tattoo gun. With tca, you can just put it right into the pit with the toothpick.

I did have a few scarred pores done twice on my forehead (needling), and they are all but gone and look like tiny pores. The PureDeming gel and the TCA Perfecting complex really help with pore size also. Therefore, I think a combination of all these things is very beneficial. But I have to say that both needling and tca cross are fantastic. Everyone knows I'm a big needling fan and really cannot say enough good about it because it dramatically improved many of my scars. The largest pit I had is pretty much totally gone; it's really quite miraculous. That came from needling. But I do recommend a tattoo gun, and not a hand tool, no matter what people say. I also recommend that people start with the least invasive and go to more powerful things later as the "big guns" type of treatments seem to make skin resistant to further treatments.

Hope that helps!

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Guest Scorpioness

Thanks once again Denise for answering my questions.... between you and Maya I have learned a heck of a lot and you will never know my gratitude.

I completed my first round of TCA CROSS with the 50% solution. I applied the solution five days ago, and many of the scabbies are gone now. However, I don't see any improvement in my scarred pores. Some of them look worse actually.

I guess I will give it some more time before I make a judgement call on whether or not this works for me. For now though, I'm thinking that in a month I will try needling. I'm gonna have to go the hand tool route.... I know it's not as good as the tattoo gun but it's probably better than nothing?

Thanks again girl!!!

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SV: Keep doing your regular skin routine; what happens is that initially your scars will look worse (part of it too is that it's still red). But you'll notice a vast improvement over the next month or so. You really cannot tell at first as it looks like it left a bigger crater than the initial scar, but it has to do that in order to stimulate collagen. Be of good cheer, it should improve a lot. Be sure to use some copper peptides, Retin A, or PureDeming Gel. They should all help a lot!!!

DCY: I'm not sure who you are speaking of, but Lilian is the lady in DC who is just fantastic, but I'm not sure how much she charges; I would guess it would vary from patient to patient, and how much you need done, but I'm not too sure. But her name is Lilian Omar.

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