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How can i deal with this?

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So yea, here i am, a new member on a board that i never dreamed id ever be a part of. I began the regimen and all, debating on whether or not to use accutane atm, so i might as well just vent a bit about the current situation.

Basically, this is absolutely horrible, i could swear my family has like predisposed me to some kind of stress genetically or something, because ive always been massively stressed about alot of things in my life. But this... this has just pushed me far over the edge. I started to exercise and really boost my hormone levels as a result in the last 3-4 months(basically trying to exercise cuz ive become a massive health addict), so im quite sure that was the reason for acnes attack that is now all the fuck over my entire body...

so yea theres the problem, but hey.. combine that with massive anxiety and stress and well.. you get the picture.. my back, shoulders, neck, chest, and face all just exploded with acne like 3 weeks ago(its as if i was plagued over night and it just relentlessly attacked me non-stop till this day).

the worst part is this - ive really wanted to change myself this last year(because basically before i never went out like.. at all, i wasted countless weekends alone playing computer games, and i just really didnt have much of a social life), so..i stopped playing video games, began to massively exercise, started doing more things with some of my friends.. and it started off great.. a girl i am practically in love with(she has no clue, and probably just sees me as nothing more than an average friend) really made me realize that i need my first girlfriend..(im almost 22 by the way...) and i was about to ask if she wanted to hang out or something(implying alot) but she skipped the last class of the year. So now.. shes gonna be in a summer class with me.. and ill look like absolute crap, i wont have the confidence to look her or anyone else in the eye, and things will fall further downhill for me. I cant even look at my own friends in the eye anymore, and that was easy as hell for me to do before, i could talk to anyone if i had confidence in my looks.

So.. basically.. my life has come crashing down on me at the very time i wanted to change and improve it.. i mean.. im going to have a degree and a minor in 2 years, i have alot of money saved.. but.. thats not important to me right now.. i really need an emotional attachment with a girl and not to make my other friends stray away from me when im in this horrible situation... God(if there is a god.. it makes me wonder) has basically said - "screw you and your trying to take huge strides to improve your life, im going to just throw acne all over you so that you have to battle through more crap for no reason whatsoever".

So.. im not sure exactly what i can do here, stress has taken over my life which only perpetuates even more acne.. and strength training has caused my hormones to skyrocket making it seem like acne will be with me forever..

ack... ok sorry for such a long post everyone.. but that did make me feel slightly better to get that out.... hopefully i dont die of some sort of anxiety attack or something :[

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I'm sorry to hear about your situation, and if it's any comfort, myself and probably the majority of people on this board know exactly how you feel and have similar problems.

If it's particularly the stress that is getting you down then there is tons of stuff you can do for that, a quick google search will give you plenty of things to try.

As for the rest I'm afraid there is not much I can say to really help, other than that life will go on regardless of any problems anyone has, so we might as well try and make the best of it that we can before it passes us by.

"The chances we regret most, are the ones we never took." I feel a bit of a hypocrite quoting this but it is something I have begun to realize myself quite recently.

I hope you start to feel better soon.

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You have a lot going for you with graduating from college, you shouldn't put so much stress on yourself about your acne and girl situation. Your holding this girl up on a pedestal, which you claim to be in love with, which I'm not saying your not, but you are going to be totally devastated if she doesn't feel the same towards you. I know what it is like to be heart broken and it's not an easy thing to deal with so don't set yourself up for disappointment. You need to realize she might not feel the same way and accept it or it will eat you alive, but if she does, more power to you. You should focus on getting to a point where you are happy with yourself. Dealing with your acne will help you gain your confidence back. Start slowly with dealing with it and don't jump to the most powerful thing, try the basic acne fighters first and it might be the only thing you need. Just remember, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Best of luck.

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I know how you feel! I love to workout and lift hard and it seems like it gets my testosterone levels up so much that it just makes my acne skyrocket. You try to do something good for your fucking body and your body says ok..you want to trade a great body for a discusting face. Its such bullshit....I wish i would have become a dermatologist. I would be willing to bet that the person to discover a cure for acne will be an acne sufferor! I could start college over again that is what i would have done. FUCKING ACNE!

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omg i posted this ages ago, nothings changed though!

by the way - it seems to have mildy slowed down to the point that it doesnt get any worse or better. I still continue to purposely eat foods that raise testosterone and supplement with creatine(both are said to be causes of acne). The benefits i should attain in the end should be worth the fight with acne(i hope).. not that i ever wanted to fight it in the first place.

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