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5months after accutane...

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Ive been off the medication after my 6month course for 5months now and i have started to get a few spots around nose and forehead... However it is now the summer and i have longish hair over forhead.

I was wondering if you belive its just the warm summer weather and sweat?

or if they may be coming back :confused:

Im only using soap on my skin atm like i have been for the last 5months.

Please give advice if you have and ideas. Thankyou

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Oh god!

i really hope not :redface:

i tried booking doctors app but gotta wait 2 weeks :S

then they will have to refer me to the skin dude again, another week or 2 on top of that :/

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4 weeks wait is nothing, u should try the NHS....ur talking 3-6 months wait for derm. As for your relapse, i would say if your first round went ok then nuke the buggers with accutane again, i know i will do. Hopefully they will come back even less after a second course.

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Thanks. ive posted some pics on the gallery section. dont care if people i know see :surprised:

ill keep you all updated with the images there so you can see some possible outcomes. Thankyou very much, wish me luck as i wil ld ofor all of you :boohoo:

there pending atm, should be up in a day i think.

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If you have "bangs" or long hair over your forehead, that could be causing the acne to an extent. The oil transfer from the hair to the skin can clog pores. This will sound strange but try pinning them back at night / when you're home alone etc (whenever no one will see you) and see if that helps you at all. Or hey, it's summer, just shave your head :razz: This is if you're a guy, which I think you are. :lol:

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What about trying an OTC Retinol/Retinoid like green cream or something to that extent while you wait for your derm ? Could help control the oil and maybe even the acne. Hope you get it figured out :)

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