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my cure to blemishes red marks didnt need laser surg or nothin

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please just read it will help u. i was one of the people who stayed home through out the summer bcus i was mad depressed my junior year in h.s. i swear i was looking at dermabrasion, micrdermabrasion, laser sugery, everything ready to spend $1000 to rid my faces of the marks my acne left. i still had acne but it wasnt the acne it was the blemishes. in the winter im kinda pail skin in the summer im a real medium tan. i swear i had those dark ass marks that wasnt going away and kept coming almost a new one every day or other day. i read in one of the post that they go away but i didnt believe every hour i looked in the mirror seeing if it changed event hough it didnt. n e way yall get the point and im cute to but i bcame mad ugly with them trust me eveyrthing yall go through i been through. not going no where eveyrthing and i was the starting pg on my basketball team so trust me it hurt more than anything. basically i was ready for suicide.

n e way i have a oily type of skin u cant realy put no creams on it or itll break out u know. so anyway i bought mad creams and tried w.e the story we all went through the b.p sylicic acid all that. i realized that everytime i bought a new cream i would stop breakin out for like 2 days but then it would wear off. (mind u it took me 2 years to figure this out). 1 cream i always used was the nuetrogena visibly even cream because it got rid of the lil blemishes mad quick and it just is the best trust me it doesnt get rid of them by it self but jus listen lol.

(((by creams i meant face wash))))))

i realized that (mind u i used the nuetrogena everyday for the blemishes)

everytime i used a cream to long my skin got used to it and it wore off after a matter of days.

so i got 2 different creams to from 2 diff brands and use 1 one day and the other the next back and forth (remember still used the nuetrogena after i used one of the 2 from above i told u about) my skin never got use to either of the 2 creams and i really stop breaking out the blemishes and everything just a few kept coming maybe 1 every 2 weeks but much better than every 2 days. everything started to change. so that was my cure.

now im 100% healed and its funny cause i dont even remember having those problems.

now i realized that soup dried the shit out of my face, when my face is real dry the blemishes heal way quicker than when u put the dum ass lotions they give u to heal blemishes. drying it out is better. so i bvuoght this SILK brandded soap from the 99 cent store and use it 1 or 2 times a day and now im like its hard 4 u guys to buy into what im saying but if u need help i can help u i promise I PROMISE!!! fuck what these people r saying on this site well unless u got likehole kinda scars then i cant help but acne and blemishes i can help wit.

all i use is the silk soup and nueitrogena . some nights i leave the nuetrogena on all night and wash it off in the morning. its hard to explain but i kno myt skin good neough to know if to put it on certain nights and i know if it worked because when i wash it off my skin would feel real tight and look shiny. some days i dont use the soup. jus so the skin dont get immune to it.

so basically if u believe what im saying and u want my helop please respond on this ill tell u what to do unless u got the puicture already. i knwo ididnt get to ,muich into details but i never thoguth itd b back here i forgot bout this site and i sue to come on it everyday.


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hope52788- what are the active ingredients in the 2 different creams from the 2 different brands you are using?

..and telling us the brand names of the creams would be helpful...please don't leave us hanging here. Thanks.

yeah, this should really be moved to the redmark forum

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what about dark marks left on darker skin people.. and wat is the 2 prodycts u using? links plz...

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I saw a lot of "anyways" and "trust mes". I wish I could translate this.

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I had insomnia before reading it ...after reading, Insomnia cured....Zzzzzz...snorrrt.

Yet, I still understood what she was trying to say... ;D haha

Hmmm...I'm still waiting for my question to be answered...me thinks she has disappeared. :think: ???

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