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Ok, I'm clear for 1 and the half month. This is what i do:


Stop masterbed (I just found out every time i do, i breakout)

Extra Zinc

Wash with Avene Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser

Use Orange Peel

Use Da Wan Ointment

Every 2 weeks, Lactose-S(For effective colon cleansing, congested waste and body toxins)

After the peel, rest the skin for 3 days.

Now my red marks and pitted scars are fading!!!!!!!

I am so happy. biggrin.gif/


P.s: for singapores who want to buy the Da wan oinitment and orange peel or the Lactose-S i can tell you where. Lactose-S is not cheap. biggrin.gif/

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Wanking has NOTHING to do with acne........God sake how many more times do people have to say this.

If you break out after you wank its pure coincidental.

Spots build up beneath the skin 2-3 weeks prior to erruption so if u wank today and wake up with a few spots tomorrow...then those legions were the final product of developments beneath the skin...and not the Wanking!!

When a person is prone to acne then legions are always building up beneath the skin at different times hence the timing of some outbreaks is different than others and that is why you are breaking out.

Amen [-o<

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hi would like to know what the da wan ointment did for you. also have you heard of zhongzhou, i believe its from the same company, i was thinking of trying it out but da wan is cheaper.

also when you said that your skin cleared up, what was it like initially? did you have rough skin texture?


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