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This post isn't about me, it's actually for my boyfriend. I want to help him and I don't know how since I don't have back acne really. I really don't mind his back acne too much, but he has a lot of red scars and he gets huge pimples on his back and has many at one time. I really want to try to help him get rid of them because I can tell that they are extremely painful. He has acne on his face, but it's not quite as bad as his back. He works with pool chemicals so he gets these red bumps on his arms sometimes but they go away. He says they don't bother him though.

I had him use some kind of Neutrogena body soap for his back and it hasn't really helped. His skin is usually pretty greasy. He used to give me a problem with trying to help him, but now he doesn't mind and is willing to try things. Problem is, he can't go to a dermatologist since he has no insurance, so if you guys could point us in the direction of some things we can find at Walgreens or something that you think could help, that would be helpful.

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i'd suggest either vitamin b5 in high dose (controversial i know, but i think it might stop him being so greasy) or lots of people here seem to like using head+shoulders as a body wash.

anyway... read all the threads for other ideas!


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i think useing head and shoulders is the easiest, cheapest, and best way to go. Head And shoulders Classic Clean Shamp. Wash the affected area twice a day. it's wierd but it works for me and most people on here it seems like

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