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I am looking for something to get rid of the plugs under my skin. I have read that Glycolic is good for this (as per the Acne Cure), but others have said they did not like the glycolic as it made their acne worse. Since Glycolic and Mandelic Acids are both AHA's do they do the same thing. It essence will the Mandelic Acid I have clear the plugs under my skin so that they don't develop into pimples?

Any help would be good.

I also have differin. WHich do you think would be the best for me to use?

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glycolic is more irritation, and can be very bad for darker skin types (ie leave more dark marks). Mandelic acid is a lot less irritating, however the only place that sells it puts in algae extract with it which is comedogenic and causes more acne for some people (including me, so I stopped). So I use neither. I have found eucerin renewal's moisturizer (which uses 2 different AHAs' sodium lactate and lactic acid, at low concentrations) to be the best. It doesn't irritate at all, doesnt cause break outs, and makes my skin really smooth, plus has sunblock in it.

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The theory is the BHAs are oil soluble and can therefore penetrate into the pore further. Apparently this means that bha is the most effective exfoliant for clearing pores...tho less effective than bp at killing p.acnes. Ahas are not oil soluble and therefore do not penetrate deeply into the skin and only exfoliate the skin surface not inside the pore.

(I'm paraphrasing from memory here...go to www.cosmeticscop.com and read about bhas vs ahas.)

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